Men’s Sweaters- Versatile Outfit Ideas

Sweater – one of the most versatile items in the men’s locker room. With a variety of styles, materials, colors men sweater can complement a lot of completely different ensembles – they can be combined with the democratic and jeans, and with more stringent slacks or trousers office.

Men’s Sweater with Round Neckline

Sweater with round neck – the most democratic option of male sweaters. Wear a sweater over a shirt can be both, releasing her collar, and as an independent piece of clothing. Sweater with round neckline can be sewn from a variety of fabrics – from cotton to cashmere. A membership of the garment to the casual style often stress patterns or bright colors.

Sweater Polo

Sweater-shirt – a very recognizable pattern sweater, which is characterized, first of all, raised collar and often two or three buttons directly below the neckline. Wear a sweater can be both buttoned and unbuttoned – the latter option is particularly stylish when worn sweater-shirt over a shirt. Since sweater polo differs recognizable sporting style options such male sweaters are not suitable for formal occasions and appearance at work.

Sweater with High Neck

Sweater with a high neck, “warmed” version of the classic turtleneck – a very comfortable and, most importantly, a stylish solution for the cold autumn and winter season. The length of the gates of sweaters conveniently varied. Plain high neck sweater with a very stylish look combined with a leather jacket or blazer and suede able to complement not only daily, but business clothes (of course, if the rules of the dress code permit alternative to strict business suit).

Sweater with a Wide Round Neckline

Sweater with a wide round neckline man is following fashion and are not afraid to experiment with their own style, borrowed from a woman’s wardrobe – ideally a sweater opens the shoulders. Of course, the male version of sweater where the restrained, but primarily sweater with wide round neckline is designed for the young and stylish men: wear it is necessary with such trendy items of the male wardrobe, like skinny jeans, loafer with pointed toe, belts with large, original buckle. Sweaters with a wide round neckline is particularly popular with young Hollywood actors.

Men’s Sweater with V-neck

One of the most conservative and at the same time, a truly stylish man’s wardrobe items – a sweater with a triangular, the V-neck. This sweater with the passage of time has become one of the most versatile items of men’s clothing. It can be worn with jeans and T-shirts, as well as to strict slacks and shirt collar over which to spread your sweater neckline.