Minimal Chic Wedding Dresses

A return to minimal chic wedding dresses, sobriety and essentiality of an elegance that is back in fashion among brides who will go to the altar this year. Curious to discover this new trend? The most elegant minimalist chic clothes can be found in

Abandoned the excesses of Princess dresses, new wedding trend is called minimal chic. But what it really means? In practice that the bride prefers wearing a sober and elegant dress, no frills, no tales nor principles or large weddings, lavish wedding mood will be “discreet and elegant”. Here’s a longed-for return to the clean lines and geometric, straight glide, a few accessories and nothing brillori, while on the other hand the edges become shorter to leave in plain sight the legs, although many brides prefer the classic long dress or alternatively the vintage clothes, with a range of models that come directly from the years ‘ 50 and ‘ 70. Mermaid, tunic, Empire, ordained, in short, for minimal chic wedding there is an embarrassment of choice.

The bride wearing a simple dress knows that to be elegant flounces and ruffles trillion are not required, but only one dress that enhances shapes and reflecting the character and temperament of the woman who wears it. But let’s be careful not to fall into the trap of clichés, because simplicity doesn’t necessarily mean banality or tediousness, indeed quite the opposite. The minimalist chic trend provides a variety of templates of all kinds, from short dress dress to that Bell, vintage poodle cuts smoothly under knee-length to long dresses Mermaid or straight and slipped through the elegance of dresses “petticoat” in silk and those peplum inspired eras of the past. The lace is granted, provided, however, that merely to be a purely decorative element to create transparency on bodices, but nothing more.

Some minimal dresses have the advantage that they can be reused, especially short pencil models, but obviously not for a friend’s or relative’s wedding, the bride may be bad. Some brides have even made color the dress after the wedding, transforming the wedding dress in an elegant dark evening dress. Looking for inspiration? More chic models can be found in our gallery.