Mirroring Your Pc Screen and Controlling Android from Your Computer

There are several reasons why you can pair an additional monitor with your computer: you can either manage the display content better or even replace the PC screen with a smaller one, for example. Doing the reverse operation is also possible: Have you thought about being able to reply to messages and view your Android notifications through your computer?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to mirror the PC screen on a tablet  or smartphone . Let’s also explain how to control an Android  using nothing more than your PC. In order for both processes to be successful, two free apps will have to be downloaded via Google Play . See how easy it is. And you can get more from uptonstyles.

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Your Android tablet or smartphone can only be used as a backup monitor, because  Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop only allows the mirroring of the content displayed by the PC to be done. But it will be possible to control the computer environment through your mobile device without complications.

Splashtop-Use your tablet as a support screen for the PC

1-To replicate the computer screen to your tablet or mobile phone, the Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop app must first be downloaded ( click here and download).

2-Once the installation is complete, a registration will have to be made. Enter your email address and password and visit your inbox to verify your account.

3-The desktop application extension now needs to be installed on your machine. Click here and, in the open page, download the computer version of Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop under ” Download Streamer “.\

4-Finally enter your email address and password in both the mobile and PC app versions and wait until the list of paired devices loads. Ready! Simply select a view and use the service.

Remote Desktop

Once you have selected the computer whose screen is to be mirrored, two content display options can be chosen:

  • Remote Desktop : allows interactive control between PC and mobile device;
  • Remote Camera : Support remote use of your tablet or smartphone camera.

Under “Resolution”, the screen size can still be determined. When you select the desired preferences, all you have to do, then, is to use both of your devices.

Content control options can be activated from the button located at the bottom of Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop, on your mobile. To manage computer application settings, go to the “Settings” and “Advanced” tabs to determine the audio playback source or system power options, for example.

It is worth remembering that all the connection is made via Wireless, remotely, which allows access to the PC through a tablet or computer even from a distance. Closing a session is quite easy: open the application on your computer and, under “Status”, click “Logoff” to exit; Your tablet should be automatically disconnected.

AirDroid-Control your tablet or mobile phone from the computer

It is also possible to design your tablet or mobile environment on your PC monitor: how about managing notifications and responding to WhatsApp messages, for example through the physical mouse and keyboard of a computer?

Note : The free version of AirDroid has a limited plan of access data. It means you can use 200 MB to control your tablet or mobile phone every month. At the end of each period, your credits are all restored.

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1-So that we can control an Android device through the PC, another free app will have to be downloaded (click here and download AirDroid for mobiles).

2-Then create an account, informing your email address and password, through the bust icon.

3-On the next screen, click “Activate” so that the applications of your smartphone or tablet can be displayed on your PC; Turn the selector switch and go to the next step.

App for web or desktop

4-Now the AirDroid version for web or desktop will have to be accessed or downloaded:

  • Click here and access the online version of AirDroid;
  • Click here to use the AirDroid extension for Chrome.
  • Click here to download the AirDroid version for PCs.

5-Sign in and voilà : your mobile device will be automatically identified by the service.

In case of desktop aversion, the “AirIME” or “AirMirror” option must be selected so that the PC keyboard can be used or the remote control of the phone by the computer can be activated respectively.

Backup, management and file transfer tools and even features that allow system optimization or screen recording can be accessed from the AirDroid interface for mobile devices.

On the computer, floating icons that monitor the arrival of messages and other notifications are also at your disposal; Click on the windows and control remotely, via WiFi, your tablet or mobile phone using your keyboard and mouse!