My brand new party look

It is very possible that I in my heart is for the classic look – also for party. But when I spotted this meshskjorte from VRS by Jackie woke the a whole new facet of my party persona. It was a very strange experience – but you have to be open to new ideas, no?

’ a black bra was good enough, but I love Debbie Harry’s rock ’ n ’ roll-look from Blondie’s heyday. Red lipstick and black pants is a must!

I put it on and got immediately a rock’n ‘ roll-feeling inside – that’s how little a la Blondie’s Debbie Harry. Sexy and raw at the same time. I love when one piece of clothing can kick start something unknown in me! The only thing it requires is that we dare to try something, we really are just about to go over. Try to do it the next time you are on a shopping spree and see what happens!

I chose to combine the shirt, which is tightly woven into the body (so that they also can be with blufærdige), with a pair of black ankle pants, shiny high heels and, not least, a pink bra in the (very) open shirt. If you don’t want to display quite as much skin so button a button more – you can still see the BRA under the top piece on the shirt. And granted, I will probably arrive with a black blazer over. Then I can always throw it when the feast is well underway.

usually meshskjorter one large polyester Banquet, but not this model. The shirt is in 100% viscose, making the hugely rar to wear. Especially on the dance floor, where a plus size Lady, who rapidly approaching menopause, well can throw a little sweat. Meshskjorten from VRS by Jackie is a little big in it – this is a 48, where I normally is 50/52 in blouses.

Now I just missing the platinum blonde hair and singing the voice …

Meshskjorte, up to size 52, 129 kr, available in the grocery store and Supermarket right now

Padded-bra ‘ Aurora ‘, up to 90 G, ca. 910 USD + shipping, Rigby & Peller

my pants are from Talbots and in blank cotton. Try these instead:
Silk pants, up to size 54, ca. 830 USD + shipping, Talbots

My stilettos are from Christian Louboutin. Try these instead:
Patent stilettos with extra width and platform size 37-41, ca. 235 USD + shipping, New Look

remember – YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND YOUR SIZE HERE: size guide

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