Mixed Goods: Apps

Intel’s own store and Nokia “takes care” around developing countries
announced that his company will also benefit from the boom around the apps. After the netbooks have a too low margin, the App Store needs a bit more money to buy. So there is an app store for netbooks, there are applications that are especially suited to the small displays and the weak processors. According to Intel, Microsoft Windows is supported first, and further operating systems are added later in the year.
Manufacturers such as Dell, Asus, Acer and Samsung have already announced to support the Intel App Store. The App Store is called AppupCenter and can already be downloaded in a beta version. The App Store contains applications from various categories such as entertainment, business, games, education, health and social media. Of course, I have already installed the App Store and tried, but despite the existing Internet connection, I could not create an account because I am not connected to the Internet. And you can get more from oakdaleblog.

Here I type on a bug in the beta version or a restriction of the App Store on North American IP addresses-unfortunately. Because I would have liked to see what applications are now available. I also know that the apps are nothing other than programs that I can find elsewhere on the net and can buy there, but the approach of the App Store I find from the viewpoint of security in the software online purchase very interesting. There are always hard-working people, who offer free software on so-called download portals, which require the completion of a subscription over 12 or 24 months, payable in advance, of course, impressively with an Inkassodrohung. In an App Store from Intel, there is no danger-here the consumer can be sure that he is not paying too much and the software is definitely the right one for his operating system. So this step is welcome!

App Contest from Nokia
I had already talked about Nokia Life Tools at this point . Now Nokia has announced that it is once again investing more in this area and has launched a competition with a prize money of one million US dollars. The competition is about the development of apps for developing countries. Nokia’s commitment to the participants is that the app has to change the lives of people who have only five or less dollars a day. The prize money does not go directly to the winner of the competition, Nokia is only with one million US dollars in the company of the winner.

Nokia is of course not selfless when it comes to the development of apps, but would like to sell as well as the mobile phones. Currently, a Nokia mobile phone that can send and receive SMS, a calendar and an FM radio costs around 23 euros. The technical level of mobile phones we had in Germany about 10 years ago. Nokia expects that the number of mobile phones and mobile phone lines in the developing countries will rise rapidly in the coming years and networking and Internet access will be largely mobile. Let’s start with the competition from 1 February, more information here.