Modifications Brico to Improve Cars 1/32 As the Gxbuggy, Roller,…

Thinking that this car micro rc scale 1/32 it had few people not I had decided to write this article, but I have discovered that it is not so, there are more people like me by coincidence or not, buy this car and underestimate it at first. For those who do not the know, here you have photos and video of the GX Buggy, Roller, and similar. Then we realized there was a fun car, something that I buy it as a toy that you would give it to my nephew and complete me and I.

The car eventually has generated lots of copies, proving that something so simple can be so effective. These copies the price is laughing (15-€30). Not before, it was very expensive but the car out of the design which is what Takara Tomy is worried then it takes what is just and necessary, to run much and be low maintenance, so try to duplicate it would still be more economical.

Well the fact is that I will upload any changes seeing that you sell and for which serve some help for the owners of this type of car, or that you want to get with one of them:

-The car when acquire them a few more less than it costs them to control rc this depends mainly on wheels foam used in many micro rc are studied for carpet or tiles and rubber outside their environment, you have two options: either change this or put rubber wheels type mini z… but if you see that it is too pointed on one side means that you step as well as a my say that it can only happen on the floor that is not theirs but has a solution to mitigate this effect:

You should check if the two front wheels get the same height, this comprobareis it raising one and see the height which rises while the other three will rise from the floor, and then repeat the same on the other. If the difference is noticeable means that accelerate the car as all 2wd it tends to understeer, but if one of the wheels is maintained with more weight on the floor the car spin toward that side.

In this case we look at the link of the plastic to make its effect since the problem is the car applied to one side because one of the link is more fixed and the other more flexible.

Another thing that bothered me at least ami is its lack of autonomy this should not be so.

I have read post from people who you added another lipo holding it with velcro at the top, which I did not quite convince, first the aesthetics, the housing tends to be high, tops the led lets you know the status of the battery and the more important to raise the center of gravity much.

The battery must be it below as possible and more if we add more weight. So I decided to install in its place a 240mah battery, the more large which may enter this space, almost tripling its autonomy, that if you need to make changes (less if you choose a battery with less capacity) but once the car is perfect.

I did it in the following way:

1st remove the lid up, pull out the installation and unsolder the battery (is important that the battery is disconnected at all the work does not need to say that you happen if it doesn’t)

2nd change switch position, i.e., must place it on the top circuit (look sideburns connected instead nothing rather than the top)

3º move the old cell transmitters to the new, and trim the corners (this will help us so that it enters the hole, if you choose a battery more small perhaps not necessary)

4 weld the new battery and tape the contacts,

5th should do hollow and high switch window as no use to us, so it cuts out and is also lima as medium mm accommodation where to bend the link inside (only a little is needed, do not pass you, if the cell is less capacity might not make you lack test it before)

6º open the corresponding gap to the new location of the switch on top.

7th closed car and enjoy.

Now it is up to the charger:

Modification is as simple as useful and install a loader that’s output 5V dc or in all lower case is that if sums the 4 batteries are 6v but I do not recommend more voltage since voltage goes up when on charge, I did with a nokia charger that I was not worth (must be recycled) thus annoying batteries are finished not be because they had this idea of having an independent service station, do not see the gxbuggy running in the middle of a field, in any case maintain that option.

So I did:

And if you want to go one step more alla, also you can put Miniz electronics,… but only suitable for brave: