Motorcycle Camping: Tips for Traveling by Bike and Camping

Moto camping is a different style of travel, that unites the camping adventure of backpacking and motorcycling tour. Is the junction of the tribes of campers, backpackers, bikers in one way to enjoy camping in campgrounds organized and structured natural and wild environments.

As we all know, not every camper is not every biker’s biker, backpacker and not every biker tried the practicality of the camping. Why not join all of this? This is the Motorcycle Camping!
For the backpacker who ever ventures out there, already caught in the situation of having to be begging for rides, had been there for hours waiting for public transportation, was carrying the entire weight of the junk in the backpacking in the back, had to sleep in the bus station because he lost the last bus of the day …For these backpackers, opt for purchasing a motorcycle could maximize the potential of your adventures, being possible to go further in less time and therefore make out much, much more!
In my last camping in Carnival, in 2014, noticed a couple sitting in the same camping I. They were waiting at a bus stop to go to the city, while I went out for a walk on the beach. I walked the entire beach, sat in the sand, enjoying the scenery, musing about life, just me and God. After about 2 hours in this eco-spiritual trance, I went back to camping and, to my surprise, the couple was still there waiting for the bus and begging a ride every passing car. I thought: if they were, they wouldn’t be missing out on this wonderful and precious time. Would be enjoying, not stressed.

Time and costs
For car campers, opt for a motorcycle can give the impression of being reducing the comfort that four-wheeled vehicles offer.On the other hand, there are numerous advantages that arise when doing the first cross-country trip! Some of them are:
• Travel by bike reduces the travel time considerably.
• There’s no impediment of traffic, congestion, semaphores, queues, etc.
• There is also the reduction of travel expenses, because motorcycles are exempt from the toll plazas, or have reduced value according to HISTORYAAH.COM.
• In parking lots, the bikes pay or very little.
• Motorcycles are practical and agile. Just take precautions and respect the limits of traffic rules and safety.
Spending on the motorcycle there are, but they are very few compared with the costs of long-distance bus, local public transport, taxi, tolls, parking lots etc.
On my last trip, I drove 200 km (round trip) and I still have half a tank, or around 10 litres were spent on the trip with my bike Yamaha Make engine capacity 250 (19 litre tank). I spent 18 reais to fill the tank when you get home. How much would it cost with a car? And with long distance bus?

Weight transport
Moto camping is better because the backpacker ceases to be dependent on lifts, public transport, taking the weight of your junk. The bike carries the weight of the backpack and considerably increases the volume that could carry on his back.The bike carries everything for you!
Just get bags for motorcycles, such as side and/or front saddlebags, tank bags, trunks and even your dear and true backpacking on the back, but supported the Bank of croup, lowering the weight. It’s a huge step forward for the backpacker passing to a more practical way to venture.
The latest camping equipment are compact and lightweight and can be carried on the bike easily. Therefore, I recommend that every Member of the motorcycle club or biker weekend get a basic equipment for bike camping.
I even went from backpacker to the motorcycle camping so I purchased my first motorcycle.
Hahaha. It stands to reason that it was an exaggeration, but actually took half of that.
On this bike, I installed a grid (grid) in the rear with Sissy Bar (a high back), where I could tie up the bag. I also put saddle bags and a front side with tools. The trip was of Campinas-SP at Bueno Brandão, Minas Gerais.

Type of bike
The motorcycle type will depend on your style, not only in relation to camping, but also to your day to day use. I can’t believe someone will buy a bike just to leave it stacked with camping equipment. You probably will buy a bike for everyday use. Or maybe you already have a bike and I hadn’t realized that she is perfect for bike camping.
My advice is that a backpacker use 125cc motorcycle, since if a couple, a 250cc motorcycle would be ideal to support the weight of both more equipment. The larger the cylinder capacity, more strength and power.
There is also the riding style, between bikes custom full of chrome and adaptations, the off road (cross), assport, and many different types. (I leave for someone who knows more about bikes to explain it better.)

Camping with bike
For the bikers already accustomed to weekend walks, hit back on Sunday, and the tours in Group of friends or with the motorcycle club, why not adapt the bike camping adventure?
Instead of limiting your ride to a single day, the biker can leave on Friday after work and hit the road, giving the long stretched well farther, because you won’t have to go back so soon. Will arrive on Friday to a campsite, set up your tent and the next morning will explore all the wonders, the local points of interest, know the locale with the provision of a good night’s sleep.Queen is the Sabbath, and Sunday afternoon only disassemble the camp and return refreshed to your city.
Use of time
About go camping with car, motorcycle camping is more advantageous because you can enjoy more time in the camping, because it takes less time stuck in traffic. In long holidays, for example, congestion forced the campers to leave the car camping in advance, already looking ahead to the time that will be spent standing in the road. Is a precious time that could be used to contemplate the location and make the best of it until the last minute.
The road can be congested and completely stop for kilometers, but motorcycles can use the corridors, cautiously and at low speed. No need to even stop at toll booths, or in some cases must pay minimum values. Always keep some money handy so you don’t have to get off the bike and have to open the bag in search of money.
Parking lot
Some campgrounds charge parking of vehicles, as they are occupying space on the lawn that could very well be occupied by one or more stalls. The bigger the vehicle, the amount of them, fewer tents and less income for the owner of the camping, so the collection. The bike is benefit for both camping, camper and owner, do take up less space.
At last I went camping, there was no more space for cars in the parking lot, but my bike was there, between two trees, where it would not fit a car. The bike fits anywhere, even near the tent.
Tours provided
Once assembled, the motorcycle tent still makes it easier to output to visit local points of interest, go to buy food, lunch or dinner, on and off easily, without relying on public transportation or carpools.
Still, for completeness, the bike is not only equipment for camping, she becomes a practical day to day transport and, taking care to fly it, is a vehicle enjoyable and beneficial.
No wonder that the bike is a symbol of freedom. Why not join the feeling of freedom of camping?