Much of a Good

The Latin word Omnia means ‘everything’ in German. And that also offers the Samsung SGH-i900. But it’s not just the features. Considered in detail the Omnia has also some weaknesses.

Facilities: More Isn’t Nearly

Full program: Windows Mobile 6.1, fixes surfing via Wi-Fi and HSPDA, a huge Flash memory, a full-featured navigation and more forward in the Omnia on adventurous users.

Phone features and storage
The Omnia thanks to quad is ideally equipped for almost worldwide. GlobeTrotter is delighted with the display of a second time zone on the home screen. Phone numbers and SMS are limited only by the memory. At the factory, our test device had free still 7.6 GB of storage space for our own content. Memory card, you can expand the memory to no less than 32 GB.

To personalize your Omnia, you can drop special applications as shortcuts on the home screen. In the test, the operation still not optimally worked. A softkey button and the camera can be double individual menu items. Limits are typical of Windows profiles, there’s only a small, non-resizable selection, for example, “silently”. Another Windows weakness, the missing Inbox for all text messages, has eliminated sent Samsung by the Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system was complemented by in-house elements.

Data functions
Data functions, Samsung wants to impress with diversity: WLAN with up to 54 MBit/s, Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR and A2DP Stereo profile USB 2.0 can be found in the list of equipment such as HSDPA with 7.6 Mbit/s (phase III).

Surfing, Internet Explorer not only available, but also the fleet Opera Mini browser available. Loading a normal page ( went pretty slow despite HSDPA by equip. In the test, the Opera browser needed a whopping 38 seconds.

Here, the manufacturer shows especially generous. A 1 GB memory card with a full-fledged navigation solution is the Omnia. A sat-nav software of route 66 as well as maps of Germany, Austria and Switzerland by the NAVTEQ map Professional is included. The use of the cards and the software is limited-an exception Navi mobile phones.

Problems arose however location in the test. Although we were on the outskirts of Munich, the mobile site until France or Bavaria stated. It, until the phone has found enough GPS satellites and finally determined the correct position took less than a minute. Then, navigate through the upper Bavarian country worked but mostly without any problems. However, we felt the voice prompts in the car at higher speeds than too low, the display was no longer readable in direct sunlight. Who is walking on the road, can switch on the pedestrian mode.

Business / Multimedia: Much Infotainment

The Samsung Omnia delivers not only the Windows known Office and organizer applications, but also a practical document scanner. Away from the Office, you use a 5-megapixel camera or music player.

With the Omnia you set up within your mobile office.Like in Windows, you can see Office files, as Word, PowerPoint, or Excel and partly also edit. With the SmartReader to scan business cards via mobile phone camera and easily stored in your contacts. That worked quite well in the test. Other written documents can be read and then display as PDF. The calendar provides a comfortable time and task management with extensive alarm functions and status messages.

In the contact database, you can store unlimited entries with many details. Via sync pleasing many contact details are taken right from Outlook. Via ActiveSync you sync contacts, mails, appointments and tasks on request with your Windows computer.However, which took quite a long match. Well over two minutes went to the country, until the exchange of data via USB and Windows XP was on the stage.

There is a 5-megapixel camera with auto focus and photo light available for photo fans. The settings are lush: Pan aroma images smile shot function up to the image stabilizer you can tune optimally the camera at your subject. In practice, the result of less is perfect: on the test images a distinct blur can be seen, red tends to pink (see Photo Gallery). A second camera on the front for video calling. Speaking of video: the Omnia takes films with an ordinary resolution of 640 x 480 pixels at 30 frames per second (fps).

The music player can handle ID3 tags and easily plays also DRM protected songs.Music sounds very quietly through the supplied headset. Who wants to plug their own headphones at Computerannals, use the supplied adapter to 3.5 mm jack plug. In the test music over other headphones sounded much better and louder. There are two players: the touch player is easy to use and displays cover. The normal Windows Media Player is also suitable. For the transfer of a whole album (10 MP3s, 60 MByte, 1 cover picture) 36 seconds via USB took. Thus, the mobile phone neatly presents pace compared with the competition.

Practice: GewöhnungsbedÜRftig

Samsung mixed Windows Mobile with its own operating structure. This brings some relief for some applications. However, the menu is too packed and not just logically presents itself. The touch screen operation requires practice and not only once tugged on the nerves of the tester.

Facts & figures
Without a real keyboard, the phone remains pretty slim: just’s measures 12.5 mm in thickness. 112 x 58 mm, it is almost the same size as, for example, the Apple iPhone. 121 grams are also still not too much can be in your pocket. Our test device is perfectly processed and its metal shell quality. Of course, with this touch screen cell phone clearly visible Fingertapser and subsequent polishing inevitable. The Omnia without problems was the battery test. Almost five hours with full GSM transmitter power and less than seven hours in the online test held by the power cell.

Menu and handling
As already known, the Omnia with Windows Mobile 6.1 will be delivered. The added Samsung with its own user interface. Thus bursting the menu almost before applications, what is not exactly conducive to clarity. Under the “Programs” menu item, a list of default 46 applications stores.

In addition, some tools are confusingly labeled. Anyone who is looking for the navigation, must be to the point of “Samsung mobile” scroll through. Here we would have liked clear labels. Also disturbed the sometimes quite Lemony touch of our test pattern with a sluggish command acceptance and little precise calibration. A new calibration brought no improvement in the test.

The LCD display measures 3.2 inches, it offers a high-contrast resolution of 240 x 400 pixels in 65,000 colors – not a superior value, but commercially. Big shortcoming: when exposed to sunlight, the display can be difficult reading. Without a real keyboard, you control only by touch through the menu. Practical: A small vibration gives you feedback when you press a virtual button. Since many menu items are very small, you must Access often to the PIN, which is not integrated into the device.

In the acoustic test, the Omnia was pretty neat. Although varied something on the phone volume voices were good and clear to understand. Also the free speaker able to score points with his good volume and a reasonable voice quality.

Conclusion: Much Not Getting Much Help

The Omnia offers very much with its long list of facilities. Our enthusiasm keeps still limited. The reason is the lack of user friendliness.

The test leaves mixed feelings. The facts, including the lush phone functions, the fast data connections, the high-quality processing and the many Business features impress. And also in terms of Multimedia has Samsung done his homework with a 5-megapixel camera, an MP3 player, and the huge store. Salary: 100 percent full in multimedia at the business phones.

Not quite convince that could us Navigation, as full version including maps, but on our again mucked test device in the location calculation and to quietly gave the instructions.

And also the Touch screen came the operation and sunlight to its limits. So it was partly when scrolling through the Menu often no longer with. Overall, the operation of the Omnia appears not very user friendly and far too overloaded. The Samsung SGH-i900 Omnia wants his name and offer everything what the discerning mobile users want. But currently just under €500-expensive mobile phone is not so intuitive and fluid to operate like other touchscreen phones.

Touch screen fans will find in the HTC Touch Diamond an interesting alternative. Also this phone offers high-end features such as Wi-Fi, HSDPA, Windows Mobile 6.1 and GPS navigation. The price is currently also at 470 euros. However you must provide navigation software and maps themselves.