My Bra Size

The truth is I do not remember exactly how old started wearing a bra, but I know it was much later than most of my friends. It was not something that worried me, but it is still a bit ironic that years ago seemed that I would be “flat” and end the opposite occurred.

So are many years with my friend bra, I estimate about 13. And of those 13, about 10 has been my most hated garment. At first I was really excited to use it at the end, of course, but as was gaining size, hatred was increasing. A couple of years ago I made up my bras thanks to a great discovery: my size.

It may seem a very big silly, but for me to know my size and start using fasteners comfortable and well sit me was a revelation. I will not use the catchphrase of “changed my life”, but almost. I spent years thinking that my boobs were too big to wear pretty bras and had a very ugly and amorphous form that made no bra sit me well and I resigned myself to never think that the clothes I was staying as I wanted. It was one of my “flaws” and point.

In all that time hate, I allowed myself to advise for various saleswomen of corseterías, department stores, etc. All ilusa entered the stores asking for a bra “to collect” because I do not usually fastened anything. Faced with this demand, I always drew the ugliest fasteners Store. At the end you get used to everything. Take home one that was smooth and black was a triumph. And I stay medium well was more triumph yet. I remember once I found one of Calvin Klein brand that I liked: Smooth and laso tits and I came inside. I bought it in all colors, I found, even I was asked to another store to get new colors. Normally they offered were sizes 95 and 100 C and D with glasses, so I guess my size was some within that range.

One day I went to the Corte Ingles Gijon looking for a new Suje. The girl who answered asked me what size I was wearing and said “the 95D or 100C, do not know”. He looked at me and said, “Can not you bring a 100. Go to the tester and pulling’ll models.” Like I tried about 20 fasteners. Different sizes and models until the woman finally gave my size. It was the 90G. In my life I had heard of bras with cup G. I did not care, I was happy because I was perfect: I was holding, I not moved anywhere, I got up and was very comfortable chest. The bad part was looking at the label and see that the models available in that size cost around 80 euros.

I will be eternally grateful to that woman. From there, I began to discover a new world of corsetry: I began to understand how the sizes work, how it has to be a bra and why he used until then I did not go well, there are many options for large sizes to choose from at reasonable prices and lots of other things I try to tell all gradually in this blog.

Now I have changed to 85H, I do better. The last time I was in England I took the opportunity to stop by Bravissimo, who have a reputation for making the best fittings of the country and the conclusion was the same. I wear a 85H or 90G, but lately I have grown fat and see that I am rather in a cup.

And you? What’s your story? You know what your size? Leave your comment!