My Iphone 5 Still Rattles and Rattles

Last week Friday after work I went to the Dresden Apple Store in the Altmarkt-Galerie to exchange my two weeks old  iPhone 5. The reason for this was a rather annoying noise inside the case, which is best described with a rattling or rattling ( I reported about it ).Although the functionality of the smart phone is not restricted in any way, however, I am of the opinion that with such an expensive device should not be heard rattling or rattling. So I had a day earlier by telephone an appointment for 16.50 clock agreed at the Genius Bar. On the phone I found the service of Apple quite well. That of course, I hope to hope for a positive outcome of my exchange attempt.

I arrived around 16:30 at the Apple Store and everything went very fast. After a friendly welcome at the entrance, I was sent by the reception lady also directly to the Genuis bar. The next employee was waiting for me there. This friendly gentleman asked for my name and looked into his calendar, if I had really an appointment. Quickly he found me in his list and asked me to take a few seconds, because my technician was still in another customer talk. For me it was not bad, after all, I was 20 minutes early. After a short wait I came early.

I told the technician my problem with the annoying sound. He looked at my iPhone 5 more closely, shook, knocked and also had a rattling notice. He then tried to explain to me that this was more or less normal and that one was stronger and less intense. He showed me then his iPhone 5 and the device clattered at least as much as mine, in addition his model had everywhere abrasions on the aluminum case. I thought hopefully my phone does not look the same in a few months. In any case, without a long discussion, he offered me an exchange. Of course, I immediately asked if this was a refurbish or new device. He eased something and then said that the devices had so no one in the hand. Whatever he wanted to tell me, I’m pretty much assuming that there are no new machines. Of course, I still took his offer and took a look at the “new” iPhone 5, which he took from a small white, sealed package.Unfortunately, I had to realize that the rattling with the model was the same as mine. In addition, on the back was a small flaw in the aluminum housing. No problem, the technician said, then you hold yours and we order a new replacement device. Without thinking long, I said. Now I will be informed by phone, as soon as the next iPhone-5 mobile-exchange in the Apple Store arrives.

Now my iPhone 5 rattles and rattles so still. On the one hand I am somewhat disappointed of Apple, since I was offered a changeover device, which was also not in order. On the other hand, the service at Apple is one of the best I’ve experienced. Friendly, helpful and especially in terms of exchange of equipment hardly to beat. Without the hassle of discussing, I was offered two exchangers. Now my new iPhone 5, which has been ordered, only needs to meet my requirements and come without rattles, rattles or scratches. Then I am already satisfied.

How do you find the service at Apple? Ever exchanged a device? Are you satisfied with this? Write me your experiences.