When thin designer for thick and we choose to buy vehicle

after having been in the air with Curves Ahead for almost two years, I can see that there are a number of Reader comments, there goes again:

why is there so much plus clothing in sad colors?
Why is there so little plus clothing with fit?
Why is there so much plus-clothes with silly print?

I take this opportunity to ask these questions when I get the opportunity to speak with designers and salespeople from the Danish plus brands.

the answers to my question boils down to the following:
That is what sells!

in other words:

Marks it on the market, as buyers will send in the shops by the seller and therefore dry book home.

I do my best to push for the designers ‘ conception of clothing to thick. The latest on modem essen at the Bella Center, where I did a designer’s attention to a detail on a piece of clothing was not the most fortunate, as it attracted undue attention to the abdominal region, as very many thick women’s sore spot.

I was told that the detail was just as eye-catching as thick women still hide their belly with a long, loose bodice. And with the size of the detail could still be seen in this extension of the


I was so speechless that I didn’t get more in the case, said because the designer’s comment was so gross and sweeping in the direction of that if it is thick, and it is to conceal his body.

the designer himself was not around to be size plus, which applies to all the plus-designers, I so far have met.

it makes me think of how well the designers behind many of the Danish brands truly know their target audience?

it is easy to get the idea that we will be seen as a large homogeneous mass, all of which have a purpose with our attire:
To hide our thick bodies in loose robes and walking in a with environment without attracting too much attention.

there should be something for every taste
I shall not prejudice, that there should be something for every taste and desire. But I will be tight in the covers, when thick women just will be considered to be thick and not a motley Assembly with broad and diverse tøjsmag.

personally I love dresses, which marks my waist and highlights my forms rather than hide my whole body. I will be happy in the lid, when I see a dress with fit in a Danish collection. But so far, there have been very few and far between the dresses, which actually makes it wanted for my overall appearance.
Simply because the dresses tend to cut too low on my body. It is just so with that waist (defined as the narrowest point on the upper body) tend to sit a know higher up on plus-women, than on women in conventional sizes.

But where should one know it from, if one does not know the thick body?

we carry even a share of the responsibility
The challenge is short and sweet, to clothing to thick women, will be designed by women, who do not know their target audience, neither when it comes to the thick body shapes or the fact that there are also thick women who would like to display their forms?

No, not only. For I also think part of the answer lies in what I previously wrote in “my view: about thick clothing and absence of trendy fashion with a plus”:
“Something that regularly beats me in a very gross generalization, is that thick women may not really have it with fashion and trends, which is an ingrained part of their lives. Simply because the fashion for too long have been reserved for the conventional sizes, and clothes for thick just acted to conceal the body and be happy when you have found a piece of clothing that is large enough. ”

which may be a possible explanation for the fact that there is so much plus clothing in sad colors with loose fit and silly prints.

If that is the case, pointing his finger as also in our own direction. And so have plus-the designers quite right that they just make it, the thick would like to have.

For if we just have accustomed us to let us carefully, so guess it damn it that major brands have their plus-clothes as a læsreven addition to their product portfolio, which unfortunately has not offers much that goes in the direction of the chic styles that are in the collections of the brands brands in conventional sizes.

You have a choice
Perhaps it is for this reason that most of my favorite brands are characterized by not be actual plus-marks. It’s brands, which produces their collections in sizes, where women from size 36 to size 56 and up for some of the brands, can be with. Here I can get trendy clothes in my size 48/50, and the brands manage to get their design manufactured with fine fits also in the large sizes. In other words, I can shop here, as a woman who is fond of clothes and trends, without having to think about that I’m a woman who belongs in the plus category.

with the exception of the fact that most of the clothes that fall in my taste, I can not buy in physical stores. But I have decided that I will let me carefully, if I need to buy clothes on the Web.

For you can make your designers to push in a different direction by letting be with purchasing clothes in sad colors with loose fit and silly prints.

#købthvisdenvariplus – give your practice to know