Nail Art: Daisy Nail


In recent years, it has become increasingly important the care of hands, and it was so much developed by also acquiring an artistic flavor. Today it comes to nail art, that compared to a classic manicure, grants more fun with colors and shapes. In what follows is described, step by step, how to get a fantastic nail art daisy nails, particularly suited to warm, sunny days, but still able to put joy in any season of the year.

It should be remembered that this decoration is better suited for medium or long fingernails, because they bring out the best design.


Make sure you have on hand:

Nail file, cuticle orange stick, base coat, light green gel polish, fine-tipped brush, dotter with small tip, pen fix enamel, acrylic yellow and white acrylic, transparent top coat.

The first step is to perform a manicure base: well eliminated all possible the enamel residues, push back cuticles with an orange stick and perfectly filed nails. After that, apply a layer of base coat, to smooth the surface of the nail and to protect them from sloughing; expect that the base is completely dry and then proceed to the drafting of a layer of light green gel polish over the entire nail, so that it can remember the color of the lawn. The gel polish, is very similar to the more traditional, but is particularly suitable for nail art, for its high covering power and fast drying.

As soon as the green nail polish has dried, drawing proceed daisies. Using the dotter with the small tip and yellow acrylic paint create the pistil of the flower. You can draw a larger single daisy, placing it centrally or more laterally at your leisure; or you can create more flowers small, but making nail art much more complex. At this point, with a fine-tipped brush, take the white acrylic paint and daisy petals, at least five each flower. You can also add white polka dots, or other colors, to make the decoration more sympathetic. When the drawing in acrylic has dried, take a coat of transparent top coat to seal the entire nail art and to obtain a shiny effect and brilliant. Very fashionable in this period is to decorate one nail, most often the ring finger. Also use colors other than white can be a good idea.

It could also happen to commit some errors. For example you can mess with nail cuticles or side edges of the nail, especially if you are beginners. No fear! In this case, just use the pen fix nail polish, and with a few strokes will eliminate any inaccuracies.

As a small variation to make more precious your nail art, you can apply a diamond golden or yellow in the center of the flower. After passing the top coat and before this to dry, taken with dotter a small amount of nail glue and place it on the flower pistil; and then adhere well bansal. Alternatively, you can apply this point of light on a single fingernail to hand, so as to achieve a more elegant and sophisticated look.