Nail Art: Penguin Nails


The penguins are cute animals that live in the South Pole, characteristic for their black and white color and the funny way in which they move. Are the protagonists of a famous cartoon, which bears the title of “Madagascar.” In this guide we will see how to achieve, through various steps, a nail art polish, inspired precisely the penguin. The nail art is a nail decorating technique, which originated in Asia during the Bronze Age.


Make sure you have on hand:

chalk white enamel, black and orange

dotting tool

hardener base and clear top coat

thin brush nail art

Lima, push-skin, cuticle oil, acetone and nourishing cream

First you need to prepare your nails using a basic manicure fast and easy to maintain. Use a file and claw-shortening of the required length. They can fit even the nails very short. Next, remove the cuticles, pushing them up with the appropriate push-skin, after being softened by massaging on the same via suitable oil. It must also be made ​​softer any hangnails with a nourishing cream, without cutting them with scissors. Degrease the surface of the nails with a cotton ball soaked in acetone and apply a clear base hardener and leveling it, as well as protect and nourish the nail, will maintain more uniform surface, facilitating the preparation of colored enamel according to WHITEHALLMAKEUP.

Once the base is completely dry, it is necessary to proceed with the application of the black polish on the whole nail. After that, let it dry just past the enamel. Using a dotting tool, you must realize, at the center of the nail, a kind of big heart. Use a white plaster glaze, which must be left to dry after application.

At this point, create paws penguin, drawing two small “V” to the sides of the heart, with the tip pointing towards the free edge of the nail. To do this, use a brush with the tip thin and orange enamel. Through the same enamel, draw a small horizontal line to accomplish the beak, at the center of the heart. Next, do everything dry.

Through a dotting tool and the black nail polish create two dots for eyes, exactly at the ends of the dash of the beak and in contact with it. Once left to dry, you have to make two dots with white enamel, within the circles blacks. Use the thinnest tip of his dotter to perform this operation. Next, let dry again everything.

Finally, to complete your nail art penguin, applying one coat of transparent top coat. With this application the enamel will buy a shiny finish, will protect the design from unpleasant and unsightly chipping, making it more durable and long lasting. Finally, do everything dry and the result will be wonderful nails to show off, that will be appreciated by anyone who sees them.