Nail Art: Zebra Nails


The zebra nails are a must summer just begun. They are really simple to make, match with any clothing and always attract attention. If so, you want to try something new, read this guide and learn in a few minutes to perform this amazing nail art.


Make sure you have on hand:

Based anti-yellow, white enamel, black acrylic, liner brush, top coat, colored enamel

The first variant of the nail art zebra, is the most elegant, it is to realize the decoration like a french manicure. In this case we must first apply a base coat anti-yellow. More than half of the nail, in fact, will be visible to the naked eye and therefore must have a flawless appearance. Like all foundations, even this last mentioned dries quickly and in a few minutes you can proceed with the décor. Then take a white-colored enamel chalk, maybe one that has a very thin applicator and use it to create a french on all nails according to Educationvv.

The more casual and colorful version of zebra nail art, does not require a specific product, then you can safely use what you have at home. When the base has dried you will need to roll out a colored nail polish on the nails. The latter will determine the customization of this variant: Depending on the glaze you choose, in fact, you can adapt the nail art to any item of clothing. The ideal, however, would opt for a tint without glitter, which is ill-fit to the true and proper decorum. Wait until the nail polish to dry, then take one article enamel white chalk and use it to color the middle of each nail. The sign will have to start from the base and get up to the top, moving diagonally as in the picture attached. Then you draw with acrylic the black lines on the white side.

Finally you can not miss a variant wants to try the zebra look, but just does not like the color white. Always start stretching out on one basic nail polish. Again its characteristics are not important, but always remember to not skip this step. The base, in fact, protect the nail with the enamel pigments avoiding the formation of unwelcome halos. Now you’ll have to choose a nail polish that will become the main color of nail art. Always abolished the glitter, but in this case are to be avoided even the colors are too dark (blue, brown, purple, etc.) and colors that just match black (for example yellow, orange and green will not create a nice effect). When the nail polish is dry it’s time to proceed to the realization of the black stripes, always using acrylic. Finally a hand top coat to last long decorum and you’re ready to give show off your dexterity.


Never forget:

Choose the style that suits you and try any customizations