Nails for Holidays: Christmas and New Year

The woman comes bringing valuable tips, now it is the turn of the nails for holidays! Follow the two amazing tutorials to follow, the first is the Christmas and more below will show.

Nails for Holidays: Christmas and New Year

Nails for holidays


To make Christmas nails super cute, according to EHEALTHFACTS we have the tutorial of Aline Makelyne Nail Art. Vyou will need:

  • Baby Pink Acrylic Paint Mercur;
  • Red Acrylic Paint Acrilex;
  • White Acrylic Paint Acrilex;
  • Green Acrylic Paint Acrilex;
  • Black Acrylic Paint Acrilex;
  • Blue Acrylic Paint Acrilex;
  • Crimson Enamel Risqué;
  • Basecoat Risqué;
  • Pure Bianco Risqué Nail Polish;
  • Extra Bright Color Trend Avon;
  • Colorless Thin Flower Base;
  • Crystal Rhinestones;
  • 000 brush;
  • Brush Dotting Tool.
  1. To start, with the nails already sanded and without cuticle, pass a Thin base layer flower;
  2. Wait a few seconds so that the base does not mix the glaze and then spend two layers of enamel pure Bianco Risqué, the only nail that will be white (the nail of ring finger), giving a one minute between the two layers;
  3. In the remaining two layers pass Nail Polish Carmim Risqué;
  4. After some drying time, pass a layer of base coat Risqué in two nails that were painted white;
  5. With the brush and white acrylic paint 000, start to draw a white line on top of the Carmine glaze of the middle finger;
  6. You can draw two white lines leading red nail of the middle finger, the drawing will be done above and below them, filling out some triangles with color and others not, as in the image.
  7. After the decoration of the ends, use 000 brush to draw a snowflake in the middle of the nail. To accomplish the design you can make the shape of an asterisk, adorning the traces with smaller filaments.
  8. When you have finished your nail Carmine and Flake, white nails. You must now use the brush and black acrylic paint 000. With the brush and atinta draw the outline of a sock, right in the center of the nail.
  9. Now with the brush and green acrylic paint 000, make the tracing of a green branch at the base of the nail;
  10. Mix the white acrylic paint and blue acrylic paint to have a clear shade of blue. With it you should paint the areas highlighted in the half, as the opening and the reinforcements;
  11. Use the brush and red acrylic paint 000 to color the rest of the half;
  12. Do the details of the half using the brush and black acrylic paint 000. Also add a loop to the Green branch that drew previously.
  13. Use the baby pink acrylic paint and the brush 000 to decorate the loop and a half;
  14. Finish with the extra sparkle of Avon.
  15. To decorate the Pinky and index finger nail, you can use the rhinestone Crystal to do a cartwheel or put it separately.


These three beautiful nail ideas for the new year were due to “Jana Taffarel”, and arrive with diversity to suit all tastes.

First choice – nails for holidays:

  1. To start apply three layers of enamel Paris of Risqué;
  2. After the three layers, apply crystal clear enamel, Blant brand Color, on the ring finger and the thumb. Only one layer in each is enough;
  3. With the glaze pure Bianco Risqué, make the shape of a “V” in the fingernails middle, index and pinkie finger.
  4. You can use a toothpick to remove excess glaze of the fingers;
  5. With a base of your choice, apply one drop right in the center of each “V” you just drew, then put a rhinestone on each drop before it dries.
  6. Finish with an extra brightness.

Second Option:

  1. Start by applying three layers of enamel Paris of Risqué;
  2. On the ring finger apply gold glitter;
  3. Use the brush to 000 moths the cross with gold glitter on each finger except the ring.
  4. Finish with extra bright.

Third Option:

  1. In the fingernails, middle and pinky indicator, use a white enamel. Already in the ring finger and the thumb, use a tone quite pigmented.
  2. With a white enamel, make a half moon on the silver enamel. Can be two layers to cover well.
  3. Use a toothpick to draw small ripples and details on the white enamel.
  4. With the brush pass 000 silver glitter glaze in the division between the white and the silver that you created with the half moon.
  5. Still using the 000 and brush the silver glitter make some little dots on the silver enamel as decoration.
  6. To decorate your nails white, make French toast using the silver enamel.
  7. Finish with an extra brightness.

Remember that all glazes and paints can be replaced by marks of your preference. So those were our nail tips for holidays! Liked it? Comment!