Natasha Poly Favorite Beauty Products

Natasha Poly and its haircare routine. About some of the hairstyles used by the Russian model.

The Russian supermodel Natasha Poly has long blond hair that often acconcia so quick and easy. To protect the color and the hair we can consider the article on ‘haircare routine Rosie Huntington-Whiteley mainly because it has a similar type of hair (light, smooth and fine) and she charmed us with his blond hair.

The care and fine blond hair provides some essential products such as: one shampoo for blonde or light hair, maybe with chamomile to enhance the reflexes; an anti-frizz lotion or termoprotettrice to be used before drying with a hair dryer or plate; in case of dry hair it is recommended to use conditioners or moisturizing masks and restructuring for the hair into shape. Reading the article ABOVEMENTIONED will be useful.

Let us see, however, the hairstyles that Natasha prefers.

Up Do: Braided Chignon and Uncombed

Whether it’s important or not events, Natasha often used crop. We see, in fact, dealing with a chignon and very quiet for an afternoon of relaxation and meditation (see photo gallery).Chignon often characterizes his look so much so that in the most important occasions (such as Gala ) has often used, pulling well and meticulously hair back for the end result and bon ton.

Another hairstyle is characterized by simple hair behind her ears, stopped on the neck with a bow and let loose on her shoulders, or a braid a little ‘unkempt as it wants the trendy hairstyles for 2015.

Ringlets and Beach Waves for a Look Jaunty

Natasha acconcia often his straight hair creating soft curls (for the evening and important events) accompanied by a side dollop. Sometimes, however, for a typical hippie style he has also sold her to the so-called beach waves, the famous beach effect waves, letting her hair down accompanied by a wreath of flowers in style seventies.

Pink hair? No, Orange!

The colored hair trend is impactful and has contaggiato all lately, from the most famous star to common girls. It appears that the pink hair is a must among celebrities but there are those who also indulged with other colors: blue, purple, silver, lilac. And Natasha has chosen orange, dyeing the lengths of this color a little ‘unusual but effective.

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