Neutral Color Underwear

Even if your white clothing is not direct transparent, you’ll still find that one can surmise your lingerie through the vehicle, even if you have white underwear on.

If you’re not much for flashing your underwear when you go in white, you need to expand your inventory with bra and panties underwear in flesh-colored … or the slightly more flattering color designation nude. The neutral color, you can not see through your white clothing.

Since I’m really happy to go in white clothing in the summer season, I’ve just been out to invest in this set of underwear. It is a super nice bra with width straps and a soft and comfortable closing with three clasps that are not rodent in rygdellerne.

Bra, up to size 100 g (multiple sizes currently sold out on the Web shop), 299 KR., Triumph

Panties, up to size 50, 179 kr, Triumph



nude picture 1, up to size 110HH, 529 USD, Alice in Wajke Trading

White dresses to konfirmanden and all the rest of us
White is also a good color for thick

If you are in doubt ABOUT the FOREIGN STØRRELER? Check out our sizing guide