New Edition: Iphone Apps in the Check

Free programs for the road
Slowly but surely you lose the overview: The App Store with 150,000 applications from the front to rear to pull off, probably no one will succeed. That’s why you need more information than ever before for iPhone applications. How practical, if you find these in the usual good quality in your favorite blog. This time: barcoo, iBomber, kooaba and iCar Remote.
You already feel a bit as in the future when barcoo says “beep” for the first time. Just like the registration office from the supermarket next door. The functionality of barcoo is very similar: the barcode is read in via the camera integrated in the iPhone and the small tool spits out information on the product lying in front of the lens. The whole thing works surprisingly simple and the hit rate is unlikely high. If you try the whole thing, for example, with a cola bottle, barcoo is able to tell me that the black stuff is quite unhealthy. Incredible, is not it?From a technical point of view this is not to be questioned, from the practical point of view: There are probably only a few serious applications for the small tool. For example, price comparisons in the much too expensive electronics retail market or simply to show what the iPhone can do so. The best way to convince yourself is how to use the app in the app or watch the following video, which shows that this application is quite long and not just for the iPhone, and you can get more from Sacramentomart:

IBomber (Lite)
It is no secret that iPhone games are always very good when they are equipped with sophisticated control concepts. Because when developers are serious about new possibilities of input, great mobile games are often created, such as iBomber from Cobra Mobile, which is also available in a free Lite version. The principle is simple: the player is in an aircraft bomber, controlled entirely by the motion sensor, and has to throw bombs over a battlefield by means of pressure on the virtual “Bombs away” button in order to destroy certain targets.These can be, for example, air defense stations or ships. The interesting thing is that you have to plan the flight path of such a bomb, of course, in order not to miss its goal. In addition, one can vary its flight speed to avoid enemy attacks, but this also has an effect on the flight path of the bomb. Famos is also the style of the game: Cool music and a fresh look make the title a great breaker who does not take himself so seriously. The trailer gives a pretty good impression of iBomber:

In a notch like barcoo kooaba kills. But while you are not scanning the barcode here, kooaba simply keeps the product in front of the lens you want information about. Unlike barcoo, however, this spoiled only a small amount of information about the product in the test, but it lists possibilities to meet its needs: for example, you can buy a CD from the iTunes store or from eBay, for example, at google for the information you need Eventim buy the right tickets or search for films or pictures on Youtube or flickr. Even if it is really impressive, as a DVD with low light with the bad iPhone camera of the App kooaba is recognized, the purpose for me is not quite synonymous here. After all, it is almost the same effort to quickly type the name of the item to be photographed on Google to access YouTube, Flickr or eBay. The best way to convince yourself is by looking at a small test from the colleagues.

And a little “app tip” at the end of this article, which is best to convince you immediately when viewing the video: iCar Remote. This really does not seem to work badly and is in everyday life perhaps helpful for some;-).