New HTC Sense in 2011 Full of News

Something more than a simple theme for Android. This is one of the highest aspirations of the interface HTC Sense integrated in all devices of the Taiwanese manufacturer, which will be subject to a series of improvements to adapt to new exclusive features for HTC devices It will be released next year.

All indications are that the entertainment section is going to be one of the functions that more innovations will incorporate, starting with one Shop online for books, magazines and newspapers, as well as music content and videos.

It was hoped that a firm like HTC begin to market certain services on their own, following the extension to the field of computing in the cloud of the name of the interface to the service nexus, trying to extend the concept and offer a more homogeneous image of their products. They have a clear reference in Cupertino.

HTC will continue to work with Kobo for a wide range of e-books, while Netflix stands as a strong candidate as a provider of audiovisual content. On the other hand it is possible that the South Koreans are considering offering the possibility of video calls in future terminals compatible with 4G LTE network technology.

Drew Bamford, head of user experience from HTC, goes above and beyond when speaking of notable improvements in the way in which the user interacts with the device equipped with the new interface, trying to adapt to the nature of our own movements. In the same way that after the last update carried out last autumn phones attenuated the ringer volume with only detect that it is in the hands of the user intending to answer a call.

Something that, on the other hand, has not showered in details. In the same way that has ignored any direct reference to the possibility of their possible release of the hand of Android Honeycomb, also made to take into consideration.