New HTC to The View, Some without Buttons

In addition to information about HTC tablets which we share with you yesterday, a lot of phones have been filtered infographic recreations as, what we see on these lines perhaps is the most important model to be of a new generation of HTC Desire.

With a line of design similar to the Nexus One, we can highlight the disappearance of the physical buttons and the optical trackpad, leaving four capacitive buttons on the front and below the display.

Not a word on specifications, but if we know that will have front-facing camera for video calls, something that is left on the road in the HTC Desire HD. It is a terminal with OS Android.

The second leaked HTC terminal, with logo’s Verizon, so it might be a new Incredible. Nor has physical controls, even the navigation Android capacitive buttons, as you can see in the recreation then:

Less important for us, initially, have three Smartphones aimed at the Chinese market, as we can see by the logo of China Telecom the first, which seems that there will be a display of generous dimensions:

Then the HTC A3360 TianShan, also for China Mobile:

The HTC A3380, also for China:

And finally what we could consider the release of the HTC Smart, I had occasion to analyze, with operating system Brew, and look quite similar to the original:

Many of these phones will see them realistically in the next Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but it’s good to go ahead material so not caught us by surprise.

Regardless of HTC phones, there seems to be a tendency to end up with the physical buttons, started in tablets, and Apple testing ideas in new versions of operating system iOS. I’d like to know your opinion on the matter.