New Swedish Online Shopping

We, at, and in particular I, are big enthusiasts of online shopping. And Swedish online shops think we deserve an extra push to improve it a bit meager shopping offer for us men. Today, we highlight three stores that have not been here before, and a neat product from each. Fill in with more tips in the comments! has something as unusual as the clothing you won’t find anywhere else.The founders started the shop this year as a way to get out the its own brand Gobidust.Going forward, two collections a year, and only small editions. All in order to minimize the risk that you buy the same clothes as everyone else. The clothes are not really as they found their form yet, but a gray cardigan to 347 kronor is a good deal. Keep an eye on this gang to come.
Focused on a wide range of unusual brands extends from Dolce & Gabbana toIjin. A little too much in D & G-end for my taste, perhaps, but to offer something other than the default brands should be rewarded in itself. And just the amount of accessories is reason enough to drop in. Best, I think a couple a nice pair of fall boots from Rokin is. 1448 dollars is the price tag for them.

A Swedish variant of Mintd and Etsy? Not quite yet, perhaps, but the potential is there for sure. Just like Etsy are damkläderna a significant majority, but some attention from us might turn the focus a little bit. Until then, we appreciate the initiative and go for unisex-variants. As this bag from Matilda Pernryd , for example.