New Video: My Bag of Motherhood.

Hello girls, okay?

The video this week on channel Mom Full is on my Suitcase of maternity.

A few weeks ago I posted a video with the trunk of my Baby, and I promised to show you mine too! Promise kept! Lol.

The Suitcase of maternity the Mother actually can be quite simple. I suggest a small suitcase, easy to carry, because we have enough items to get beyond it.

To further facilitate, I will list here what I find most important you take for this special day. Oh, don’t leave until the last minute to get your bag, not to forget something important.

Documentation:most important item to take to motherhood are the documents. You will need your ID card and your date, the portfolio of health plan is to use a pre Christmas card and/or checked if it was recommended by your doctor take, marriage certificate if married (for the newborn registration).

Toiletries: prepare a complete toiletry bag, because usually in hospitals are not provided in addition to SOAP and shampoo products. Don’t forget your daily products for the face, deodorant, moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner … I bet in small bottles to take everything and not do much volume, that’s an interesting tip.

Absorbent:don’t forget that after 9 months without using them, you will need more than ever, because the post partum bleeding tends to be intense. I suggest a tampon or a night for this post partum phase.

Breast Care Products:I suggest that you check with your obstetrician a suggestion of ointment for the prevention and/or treatment of mammary and cracks already take in your suitcase. I recommend the Pure Lanolinproducts, as show in the video. Absorbent for the jugs, plates in silica gel, shell, breastfeeding silicone beak … these products are also interesting to take to motherhood.

Pajamas:usually the hospitalization is 2 or 3 days, then I suggest you take 2 Pajamas for breastfeeding, that will be the clothes you will wear these days. Bedroom slipper should also monitor their pajamas.

Clothes for the exit:be sure to leave an outfit for the output of motherhood.

Lingerie:take at least 2 bras for breastfeeding and 4-6 panties also own up to this point (Yes, those big and ugly! kkk).

Electronics:nobody wants to be without care right? So don’t forget to take the phone, the charger, camera and other equipment needs.

Well, watch the video all the details of my suitcase.