New Year’s Eve Plus Size Outfit Ideas

Where it feels like a long time ago, Momme and I met with our common friend Squeak, who took the fine pictures of us. We had no idea what awaited us – for all of you, our dear readers. Happy new year!

Nothing new year without new year’s speech – thus also not in Vogue magazine Curves Ahead. And because we always want to give you a little more, than in expecting, get in, of course, two speeches; a from Momme and one from Ha. Read about all the highlights of the year gone!

Thank you very much. In short, three little letters that forms a large words when I look back on the year that went with the Curves Ahead.

On an overarching level thank you in from the first day of an inspiring and constructive way has used the comments box after our articles and on our postings on Facebook. Thank you very much, because in this way helps to make Curves Ahead into a living magazine, once in inspirational and contributing debate-generating comments.

As Kristine and I in the autumn of 2013 wrote down the first loose thoughts, which over time turned into the Curves Ahead as we went live with the 6 april, we were in no doubt that there was a great need for a magazine with a focus on fashion with a plus. But we freely admit that we had not forstillet us, where missing a measure like this was.
It will be pretty well summed up in this comment, which was posted one of the first days, we were in the air:

“1000 thanks for in have would put this in the Lake, which has all too long been lacking a constructive site or magazine for us in the large sizes. I am excited to read about fashion tips that NOT dealing with weight loss, combined with over leggings-size tunics, but fashion tips that actually is provocative and exciting in spite that that fx uses a size 50 ”

Although we only brings a single comment here, that sounds a big thank you for all your enthusiastic comments and all the cute mails we got during the first weeks We were in the air.

It’s always great to get a good start. But it is on the slightly longer course a good beginning must stand the test of time. In addition to displaying delicious clothes with a plus, it was also our declared objective from the start that we are building on our knowledge and personal experience would give you the inspiration to break new ground with your attire. In short, to highlight your strengths instead of hiding your whole body.

it makes me both proud and humble when I in the course of the year in your comments and e-mails read that we have helped to give you the courage to break new ground in relation to your attire and to watch your body with new and positive light. And ye shall know that comments like these have made a big difference for us in this year’s race:

“I love both of you two – where has done much good for my self esteem!”

“in doing really a difference – thank you”

“I ææææææææææælsker you. In enriches my life SO positively. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! 🙂 ”

Let me just for example’s sake also mention that it makes me feel warm in the heart to know that many of you have found your waist and selected highlight it with a belt. It makes me happy to know that we have contributed to the awareness that a plus body is not a body that need to be stored in a loose merely disguises itself as religion.

Work with Curves Ahead has also been an eye-opener for me on a personal level. During the spring it dawned on me that we thick women may have a dull tendency to impose restrictions on ourselves because of our size. That is why I chose to make the attempt in May to rid my upper arms, as I in many years have chosen to cover, because I myself had decided that they were not allowed to be shown in future and therefore in a great many years have always been covered by a cardigan or bolero regardless of how hot it was. Again did your lovely comments a significant difference , and they were instrumental in that this year i’ve shown arms throughout the summer. And it touches me deeply that my liberation action of my upper arms have gotten others to do the same. Even though I really was ready to hoot by enthusiasm over my own liberated the upper arms, gave this comment my wet eyes again:

“ the did it! Drove through the city with bare arms yesterday. And I survived. ”

I am excited to tackle by 2015 in the company of Curves Ahead. We have many new ideas and thoughts as we look forward to making a reality of our magazine. I hope you also want to be with in the new year. For it will not become it together without you and your inspiring and enriching comments.

First of all, Merry 2015 – welcome to a another year of fashion magazine Curves Ahead!

what a year 2014 was for us plus size-women! I don’t think Momme and I had anticipated the avalanche, we would put in the time, since we are Sunday 6. April pressed ‘ publish ‘ and debuted Curves Ahead – Denmark first fashion magazine for plus size women. But the media world caught sight of the good story right away. From Politiken to B.T., from good morning Denmark to DR 2 Day and Evening show for good evening from Denmark. All would put a focus on this group of women, who for years has been overlooked by the fashion industry.

And I, dear readers, was immediately. Thank you so much for you! We could see at a glance how much you have missed the inspiration for the wardrobe and to throw out tent dresses and the shapeless clothes, which have saved your bodies away for too long. We can read on your many kind comments and emails – and we are happy that we have been able to create a universe that is yours, and how without flinching in sharing clothes and lingerie sizes to get the best out of the shopping, we’ll show you.

this was exactly what we wanted with Curves Ahead; to give you a fashion magazine that is completely your own. Where in is not a supplement, or a group of readers who will be ‘ made ‘ happy once a year with a special issue. We wanted to show you that fashion is something for you just as much as for women in popular sizes. We wanted to show you how much in Miss, in there in a tent dress. We wanted to show you another reality than the one in the fashion industry and the established media industry manufactures – one where thick women can show the shape above, and where we can make demands on our tøjkvalitet and the Committee, we have in the stores.

For a wish with Curves Ahead has also been to shake up the clothes-and media industries. To show them a different reality. We take any opportunity for dialogue with the established – because we want change seem on plus size-women. We have spoken with designers when we could get to it. We have spoken with several master students and explained our side of the case. And last but not least, we have spoken with fashion magazines in an attempt to stamp on them and get them to understand what opportunities there are to see wider on women.

we sense already that there are changes on the way. Just look at how several of the mainstream magazines have been focusing on plus size-women – both on the fashion pages and in articles, see how Art has had a plus size model on the cover (without making a big deal out of it, thank you!), and see how Zizzi for February launches their WOW-collection that does away with the idea that thick women and trends are not consistent.

We are proud and excited to be a part of the new reality for plus size-women – but also know that there is still a long way to go. That is why we, of course, continue our work in 2015. We will inspire you and give you all the knowledge it takes to in saying goodbye to the tent and requires your right out in tøjbutikkerne. It was missing since