Nexus, First Pictures of The New HTC Remote Management Service

MobileMe, BlackBerry Protect or Windows Phone Live are names of different services that allows users of different platforms of their smartphones via web remote management. The Taiwanese HTC wanted to jump on the bandwagon and took advantage of the presentation of its new terminal on 15 September to raise awareness Nexus, from which we have obtained the first images recorded on video.

Roughly, the new service It does not present too many differences with other services mentioned, focusing its service on the following functions mainly:

  • Forcing the device to emit a powerful sound in order to locate it, even in the event of being configured in modes of vibration or silence.
  • Data protection personal, contacts, issues and SMS messages.
  • Lock or remote wipe in case of loss or theft of the terminal.
  • Sending messages to the screen of the phone lock from your computer.
  • For a remote location locate it accurately on the map using the built-in GPS.
  • Editing and distribution of multimedia content captured with the device.
  • Configuration of call transfers remotely. For example, if we are in the office and we have forgotten our home phone.

An additive that offers us very interesting is the access to the Android Market from the web service, through which we can proceed to update applications, install / desisntalarlas of our terminal, in a very similar way that already handles iTunes.

The service will start most likely in combination with the HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z releases over the course of the in October. However, there is no official statement yet regarding if available for the current owners of smartphones of the brand.