Nexus One Becomes Android Dev Phone 3 and Its Accessories Available in Spain

The HTC G1 was the first Android phone used as terminal for developers, with he premiered the ADP name, or Android Dev Phone. After him came the ADP2 which was nothing more than a version of our HTC Magic, shared with the first being a phone totally free operators.

None of them gives the official possibility to play with Android 2.2, so Google has decided to incorporate a third terminal for developers to the family, as it would not be otherwise, and already anticipated in its day, Nexus One becomes ADP3.

The three phones are manufactured by HTC, and to access them we must be registered as developers. He has been talking about way wrong on the subject, was never told that Nexus One stop manufacture, it would be available for operators, and as a terminal for developers as we just check.

Many people know that through operators it is really complicated to get ahold of one taking into account the existing demand, so this can be a way to access it if you sign you as a developer.

The possibility is not cheap, but it is not to go crazy: the price that appears on the web is $529, it must add the $25 fee (of lifetime) as developer platform, and of course is, relevant taxes and shipping costs.

It seems to me that we pay quite high the journey of the Nexus to our houses and corresponding tax toll, we talk about 187,99 dollars, making a final amount of 741,99 dollars. Making the change, 565 EUR.

Remember that both the first model, the HTC G1, as the ADP2, were available for $399 (267 euros more shipping), so the general improvement of hardware we have to pay for it. On the positive side, we think that the possibility of upgrading to Android 3.0 pretty revalues the terminal.

To purchase it will come with Android 2.1, but we automatically ask if you want to upgrade to Froyo, to remember is that the terminal continues to be the fastest in all benchmarks that have been made in recent weeks. Nexus One without a doubt is the best development tool, possibly this model come with S-LCD screens.

The official accessories available in Spain

To disappear online store created by Google to sell the phone and its accessories, buyers with access to it would be without the possibility of buying them, and in the case of the European markets we had no way of making us with accessories.

The solution has it HTC that has placed various accessories on their official website from which we can buy without problem. We have access to the Google Desktop Dock, a Google Car Dock, cables, adapters, covers…