No Sweat Dress Shoes

We know that many of our readers see it as a challenge to take it more revealing attire on. For when we equip ourselves for the celebration, attracts more attention a on a random weekday, where we have more neutral clothes on.

Therefore, there is no reason why you should worry about getting to work up a sweat on the dance floor or be she who goes barefoot around because your shoes too tight on the hot and swollen feet, as the party progresses.

to a party where there is laid up for the dance, which can develop into a hot affair, I take a game under the arms after the bath and just to be on the safe side quite a game more, before I clothe me on at the party.

Deo roll-on, 31.95 USD + shipping, Matas

I have tried with having dutten with to feast. The age of annoying a lot in your bag and was awkward to get greased at without having to take your clothes off. And subsequently I was afraid that it would fix blotches on your clothes. Thus I was just far compared to not having to worry me about blotches under the arms.

When I go to my shoes, I take them on with bare feet according to Legalarmist, when I’ve come off the bath.

The heat and the slightly moist feet helps to expand the shoes and get them into shaping up after my feet.

This tip only works on shoes in genuine leather, expanding. Thus said further that it may be worth considering to invest in a pair of leather shoes that are good enough costs more than other shoes on the market, but for the extra money you get so in return a pair of shoes that come to hand, perfect for your feet.
Shoes in genuine leather has also the advantage that you can get them blokket with your cobbler.

My new favoritsko
As some already know, I suffer from psoriasisagtigt, who have said it in my feet. It means that I’m very challenged in relation to walking in high heels. I’ve spent the last ten years to find shoes with heels that I can bear to wear for festive occasions, and finally it succeeded for me with lakudgaven of this shoe, which is only in plain skins in the webshop.

Size 35-42, ca. 855 DKK, Geox

These shoes have just the perfect fit and height to my hopeless paws. And they are from the manufacturer’s hand equipped with a sole that makes the shoes pleasant to wear and at the same time relieve the worst pressure. If it is expensive for a pair of shoes, I’ll leave it up to the individual to decide. But for me, it’s been all worth the.

Compeed, 49.95 USD on offer until the 24th december + shipping, Matas


post, 69 USD + shipping, Matas

I used them a lot over the years, and they are very comfortable. However, there is the drawback that they of course fills in the shoes, and thus, they can have the consequence that the edge of the slot in the shoe comes to tighten on your feet.

Avoid the sweaty feet
This is not your 100 percent guarantee that you will avoid getting hot feet at the party. But it helps keep your feet wiping.
Spray on and let dry before you take your stockings on.

foot sprays, 50 USD + shipping, Matas