Now You Can Have Photoshop on Your Android Tablet

Today Adobe has released the Touch Apps collection , a collection of six specially crafted applications for Android, which let you create, edit, and mix images directly on a tablet. The only requirement is for the device to be able to run HoneyComb version 3.1 of the operating system.

In addition to functions similar to Photoshop and Illustrator, some of the programs still provide tools for creating websites and for presenting projects. Here’s what each of these applications can do:

  • Adobe Photoshop Touch : has the main functions of Photoshop, such as cut, transform and spin. Used for drawings and assemblies.
  • Adobe Debut : Provides full control over project presentations, with real-time annotation and modification capabilities.
  • Adobe Proto : A powerful program that turns your website ideas into well-finished concepts in a few moments. Users can even use gestures and drawings to automatically create menus and video areas.
  • Adobe Collage : made for those who like to play with photographs and drawings. The sole purpose of the program is to facilitate the creation of assemblies, having intelligent selection tools.
  • Adobe Ideas : also available on iPads and iPhones, the application works with vector drawing, allowing use of layers and pre-defined color themes.
  • Adobe Kuler : serves as a source of inspiration by putting a series of pre-defined color selections on your tablet screen, making it easy to design your website or start drawing.

Always in the clouds

Adobe also plans to exchange wireless files between computers and tablets through the Adobe Creative Cloud. So any project started on the small screens can be better worked on in desktop programs, as noted by David Macy, the company’s product manager.

The only bad news is that the Creative Cloud will not be available until the middle of 2012. Even so, all the programs of the Touch Apps package are already available in the Android Market. Each of them costs $ 9.99(about $ 17).