Tips on Decorating with the Modern Frosted Adhesive

Glass sandblasted can cost too much, the technique serves to prevent that sees what is behind the glass, but is also used to decorate Windows, doors, box and other objects made from this material. As most people prefer to save time for decoration, but without leaving aside the trends, it didn’t take long to appear a sticker that copy the glass effect. In today’s post we will talk exactly about it: the frosted adhesive.

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With modern technology and all the practicality of adhesive, adhesives sandblasted are a cost-effective solution for those who want to innovate redecorating some specific parts of the House. As well as conventional wall stickers, decorative, wallpaper and tile adhesive, adhesive adhesives sandblasted are easy to install, don’t make dirt at the time of application, are quite versatile, and best of all, they cost much less than glass sandblasted.

To show how the adhesive gives incredible effect etched in the glass, we’ve prepared some tips on decorating with this mega nifty adhesive. Then you will see some suggestions of where the frosted adhesive can be applied. Enjoy to inspire and win once the dream of that wonderful frosted glass.


If you have a box of glass and want to change his look, frosted adhesive is ideal for giving up the design of the grid box. The frosted adhesive pads is charming and gentle, perfect to repaginate the box and give a modern and innovative design without having to spend a Fortune with a new model.

To check out a delicate aspect to the box, frosted adhesive pads can be applied in the form of track, creating just a decorative detail on the box. But, if you prefer a bolder change, frosted adhesive is also amazing when applied on the box.


Glass door without signage is a sure at any time can be an accident. So, the best thing to do is to use some type of adhesive to ensure that nobody gets hurt. Our tip is to unite the useful to the most modern, and use a nice frosted sticker to decorate your glass door and guarantee the safety of anyone who passes through it. While serving, signaling that there exists a glass door, frosted adhesive gives elegance and modernity to the environment.


The frosted adhesive also adheres to the function to ensure your privacy. Ideal to be installed in Windows and prevent people to see the inside of the environment. This hint of adhesive sand blasted in the window is also great for Office or private room and want to make the environment even more. Is a quick and effective way to block the view of people in these environments.

Like to know more this sticker? The frosted adhesive has high durability and resistance, and you can make the application. This modern model of adhesive is available on our website. You’ll love the versatility of the adhesive, which in addition to beautiful sandblasted, confers a very cool on sheets of glass.

The PG Adhesives only works with quality products, our brand is known for caution and transparency. So don’t delay, give an up grade on your box, glass door or window with our stickers sandblasted. You can meet the models right now, by clicking here. We hope you.

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