New years resolution No thanks! Like Yes thank you!

new year’s resolution is a concept I have long since shelved. This is because map and good that new year’s resolution for me is built on bad conscience based on something I should do but don’t want to actually do.

While new year’s resolution was still a part of my life, I sat in the month of december with pitch black conscience and looked back on the year with a focus on the things I had not done something about. It became a new year’s resolution, and I promised myself high and Holy, that the new year should be the year when bad conscience was changed to a clear conscience.

I would not, that I have ever kept a new year’s resolution. The good intentions are typically transformed itself into a big mental hammer during January, as I slapped myself hard over the head with, without for that reason came to fundamental changes in my life. Finally I dropped my intent to get through the year in fairly good order without evil in the minds of the many blows with the hammer.

Changes based on desire
So I had no new year’s resolution, since 2015 began. Anyway, it was the year where there have been fundamental changes in my life that forever will make a difference in my life:

the final liberation of my upper arms and buying my first bikini for more than 15 years.

To these change will persist due to short and well one thing:

they are based on desire. A bad conscience and should have not been factors in these changes, which have made such a big difference to me and my further engaged in life.

Change has been a long time coming. In other words, they are not a whim conceived on one of the year’s last days. They have been figured out in my subconscious and slowly taken shape to a desire, as I could no longer suppress.

the liberation of upper arms actually already happened back in 2014. (You can read about here-opens in new window)

But it is only this year, I really feel I have reaped the fruits of liberation. Simply because I have purchased by 2015, sleeveless tops and dresses and aired my bare arms in the summer sun with the greatest truism and no longer is nervous about getting a back attack and package your arms back in.

purchase of bikini have also been a few years in the making. It started with the fact that I’m on my first cruise in 2012 looked enviously at the all the ladies who enjoyed holidays by and in the pool, while I chose to hide my thick body in summer dresses with sleeves.

when we again this year ordered cruise, I chose to follow my desire to take an active part in life at the pool, which helped make this year’s vacation to one of the best in my life, because I chose to follow my desire and live life to the fullest.


What is your desire?
They liberated the upper arms and the purchase of bikini have here at Curves Ahead and on the mail spawned numerous comments which roughly can be written to:

“Just I was as brave as you.”

Let me say that the liberation of my upper arms and the purchase of bikini has nothing to do with courage. This is due to the short and sweet, that I finally chose to do just exactly what I feel like and stop to let me limit of what others might think of me and my thick body.

What do you feel like in 2016?