About thick clothing and absences by trendy fashion with a plus

I have once again put me to the keys in order to go ahead with making the season’s theme with a focus on autumn and winter fashion trendser with a plus, and I am once again stalled, because I know it’s a challenge on multiple plans.

it starts with, that I know that this problem makes me despondent before I really got going. In a time where it is not hard to find clothes in sizes for thick bodies, it is still not exactly easy to find clothes in large sizes that affects contemporary trends. In other words, it is not a very easy task, to give you what we promised, when we went on the air with Curves Ahead:

On Curves Ahead you will find everything that women get in the fashion stores – but here you get it with a plus

Utrendy thick-clothing
And I never ceases to amaze me. We can start with a favorite aversion that many of us share. For H & M, there are true masters in interpreting contemporary trends in conventional sizes. But when you go to your Department for the plus in the rear and darkest part of one of their physical stores, it’s like going from a cheery and welcoming summer day to a sour and cross-autumn day with grey skies, because a lot of the clothes are made with fits that hides more than the highlights in shades that are retrieved from the sad part of the gamut.

this was exactly the same feeling, I was struck by, as I earlier this year participated in the Bestsellers pressedag. My first feeling was excitement, when I did my arrival in a large, bright and delicious local with high ceilings filled with delicious clothes in the finest colors and cuts. The enthusiasm waned quickly, when I found the corner with plus-brand, which gray in black tried to lure with styles that made me reminisce my late grandmother.

as you know it always manages to find fine clothes, which I can share with you both among the Danish and foreign brands. And that happens in these years is very exciting and new in relation to clothing with a plus. But there are still lashed between the clothes, I want to display on the Curves Ahead. On the other hand, there are really a lot of what I call thick clothing. Clothing in large sizes, Yes. But clothes that just hides, because it did not fit. Clothes that are not near to just have a bit of the trendy touch, as we can see in the conventional sizes.

Mode is also allowed for too thick
It is easy to start with the point fingered and say that it is the fault of others. But I am also stuck with this theme, since I know that this type of content just not big-hitter with you readers. It can, of course, due to the fact that the trends, we have chosen to focus on just hasn’t hit your taste, or perhaps is in fucking don’t care about trends, because ye have long found your own completely personal style.

in working with Curves Ahead thinking I really much and over it here with fashion and thick women. Something that regularly beats me in a very gross generalization, is that thick women may not really have it with fashion and trends, which is an ingrained part of their lives. Simply because the fashion for too long have been reserved for the conventional sizes, and clothes for thick just acted to conceal the body and be happy when you have found a piece of clothing that is large enough.

Which so also to do with the fact that we have never been able to use the existing fashion magazines to anything at all, because we cannot fit the clothes that will be shown there. The fashion map and well has been something we could use to beat ourselves on top of head with, because we are with our thick bodies is very far from the body ideal, as the fashion world clothes on.

Focus on highlighting the best thing about your character
I have grown up with a fashion interested mother, and therefore, it has always been quite natural for me “to follow” on the fashion front. An interest which in no way became less as my ass over the years was bigger, and it was more challenging to find stylish clothes.

what really has changed over the years is that I have become more conscious about what clothes my body and accentuates my forms. I have also gone through a long period where I saved my body in loose clothing that hid it all.

to focus on advancing the boundaries for how thick women can go dressed, however, is a topic that repeatedly captures your attention and interest. And I will be happy, proud and humble when in writing and tells how Curves Ahead, have helped to advance your limits to how you can go dressed with a better self-esteem and a more positive self image as a result.

that is why I have now decided that the theme of the new season’s trends is going to take its starting point in how all the new clothes that currently indenting in stores, can highlight the best thing about your body.

So welcome to

after/winter-ripe on Curves Ahead, where I gather the best of the new ones from the many Web shops under the theme: