On Project Trail Running – Equipment

As lovers of equipment we’s now time time during my trail running project to write about the equipment. In principle, a pair of shoes and running clothes range and away you go. As with hiking, trekking, or all other sports there are’s which one your life easier but also for Trail Runner specific equipment or make more pleasant. As beginners let me now briefly on the basic equipment that I have put to me for my training.

On Project Trail Running - Equipment


According to HolidaySort, the most important equipment for running shoes are above all, here you should probably at least save. There are tons of different running shoes why you are the best expert advice in a shop can be. You can see mostly because the skilled person that he offers a free treadmill analysis on-site to determine a possible misalignment in the movement patterns. So can he soon see what type of shoe (Stabilitätsschuh, Neutralschuh,…) you need.

Since I am a Überpronierer I tried to different stability shoes. In particular, it is important during the fitting that the shoes tight. Finally, my choice fell on the Brooks beast. So far I have no problems to determine with the shoe when running, no bubbles, no joint pain in the feet. Disadvantage of this shoe, but, is that he is not weather-resistant. Rain has wet feet immediately after the first puddle, therefore an other “real” Trailrunningschuh had to be found for the autumn/winter time. The choice fell on the Salomon Speed cross 3 with Clima shield (CS) membrane. A really excellent shoe for any type of weather, with which I have placed more than 100 km back.

We need to bring some variety to the foot sooner or later but still another autumn/winter shoe. See the manufacturers now offer an almost unmanageable number of different shoes which have been explicitly designed for trail running.


As an experienced “fans” I’m actually now tours with the right clothing for walking and trekking, know so well what I should put on weather or pack up. When the trail that looks however differently. In the summer, it was still quite simple: shirt, short running trousers (I prefer the combination model of tights and shorts), running socks, shoes and go.

Differently it looks here in autumn/winter. We start with the easiest part of the pants. Here almost no trail leads past 3 / 4 or long tights. They are in different versions depending on the outside temperature. I am although no real friend of the tights appearance, have risen but now such a me and am here but convinced of the function. For rainy days, still an appropriate rain trousers is missing.

Up around it is already difficult. Here I am still always am experimenting what I should wear at what temperatures. Hiking tours dress I system and can a layer, if necessary, further out – or attract. Since I’m running currently had no backpack, I must decide in advance what to wear. Usually, it does a long shirt and the Active Shell Jacket as wind and rain protection over it. With sunny weather and temperatures around freezing point enough sometimes a simple trench like E.g. the great Eclipse Hooded Zip tea by mountain equipment. Then a thin Beanie and gloves, and already, the body stays on temperature. Simple hiking I would shiver as already neat, does run quite a significant difference.


To monitor the progress of my fitness, but also to record and evaluate the routes including accrued kilometers, altitude and time, I use the Garmin Forerunner 410 GPSWatch which I here already extensively presented. A great part for a relatively low price, which I can only recommend. It is also always interesting the past put later to analyze the PC again and to see the elevation profile.


A Trailrunningrucksack is top on my wish list of equipment currently. As soon as there is a slightly longer one is probably inevitable, because from a certain distance, you need on the road already liquid and a small snack. Also, a backpack has enough space to a light rain or wind jacket, as well as other small equipment such as E.g. camera, mobile phone, to transport map or GPS device.

Otherwise, the trail is already almost completely equipment. For any snow, maybe some slight leggings would be needed, so that can penetrate snow and mud over the edge of the shoe.


Actually you need to run only a sensible pair of shoes (or even none, see natural running), cheap clothing, and already you can start running. But like in any sport, the trail running has specific equipment which is specifically designed for this sport. Ambitious Trail Runner can invest here certainly have much money in their hobby. The only thing you can buy is the motivation to overcome the inner pig dog.