Online Shopping Guide for Beginners

We asked you what you would like to know, so you can feel more confident to shop online – and inspired by your many questions come here a guide to online shopping. Remember, there is always more to know, but here when we at least around the basic.

For many it may seem insecure to order any clothing, they’ve never tried, and pay via an online payment system. But in fact you really well secured by online trading – because the Bank ‘ insure ‘ you when you use debit and credit cards.

In addition, we try on Curves Ahead is always to help you – among other things, you will find the link to our sizing guide in each shoppesag, we publish. The link is always right after the last item, we show on Investtops.

Fortunately, many Web shops famous brands or stores, you also know from reality. This means that you can feel confident that there is order in the cases. In addition, it is important that the store have a secure payment system, also known as SSL. You can see it know there up in the address field of your internet browser it says https://and maybe have a padlock on the front, when you get into the shopping cart and where you have to pay.

Also, remember that you should never give your card details via email – ask the store about it, then drop the deal. And no store may need your social security number, so be sure to keep the back with the information. Also listen to your intuition – if you have a bad impression of the store, check out how it is reported, for example, Trustpilo or similar sites. You can also check out their Facebook page – there are many complaints from customers, then it may be a sign that something is amiss.

An extra security is the system called ‘ Verified by Visa ‘ (works with visa and mastercard), which means that you don’t have to remember all the passwords, but identifies you with a one-time code you receive on sms. In this way, you also know that the store is in order, because it has signed up this security solution.

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If you are so unlucky that a online store pulls the money on your debit card, but the goods never arrive, so take contact to your bank. You are in fact very well secured through banks and your debit card. Have you paid with debit or credit card, you can always get your money back if.

#: goods are not being delivered.
# Seller will charge you more than the agreed amount.
# You have used your right of withdrawal by refusing to receive the item.
# There is no money in your account without you has given law.

FIND the CLOTHES that fit
It is clear that the biggest minus of online shopping is that you can’t try the clothes first. The utmost return reason in all tøjbaserede Web shops is that the vehicle is not fitted or not sad that the customer had hoped on.

It, which always makes it hard is that one size is not just one size. If you find you what your Danish size is in England or United States, there are still problems with, that there are no rules for what a size 48. Sizes is something the producers themselves should decide. That’s why you in jeans from Zizzi can be a 48, but must up in a 52 at H & m.

Know your goal
You can minimize return consignments by knowing your goals. And not the goal, you think you have, or that you had a few years ago. The objectives you have right now. That is why — with the measuring tape.

See how you measure yourself, here: Measuring guide
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Know your average size guide
Then you need to keep an eye on the average, you know clothes you. Look at the clothes you already have in your wardrobe – what are your Favorites, and what do they have in common? Maybe this is the wrap-around, maybe they have V-neck, or maybe they are with three-quarter sleeves. All the common features is also what you should go for in your online shop.

See which average who dress you body type, here: Guide to kropsstyper

Read the descriptions
Also, be sure to read the descriptions thoroughly webshop. Have vehicle relaxed fit (relaxed) or is it fitted (tight-fitting)? It says that it is large or small in size? Many sites will write if they recommend that you either go a size down or up when compared to your normal size.

Some stores also writes the objectives for each of the sizes. Remember, it’s not objective, but the body of the vehicle, which they believe fits the specific sizes. Here it is important to note that some brands are going for a closer fit than others. You can see in the pictures that the vehicle always sits close to the models, and you’d like to have a little more space in your clothing, it can be, you have to go a size up, to get a snug fit, you have it better with.

Use customers ‘ comments
Be sure to check also user reviews – here you will be able to see what other customers think about clothes. They might want to write that a material is slightly transparent, others the clothes are short or long in it, or perhaps that it is large or small in size. It’s all comments that make you better able to assess whether the vehicle has something for you.

Use customer service
Are you still in doubt, the customer service to help you – it is, of course, why they exist. Write to them and tell us which piece of clothing you are interested in. Please ask for the specific targets for the item in a particular size, or ask them what size they would recommend for your goals. Use them as much as possible – customer service is as a sales clerk in a physical store.

You should always be able to see what you have to pay for shipping before you press ‘ buy ‘. If you are in doubt, please contact customer service. webbutikkens

You NEVER pay customs or VAT on items that you buy within the EU, such as England, Germany and France.
Please note that Norway is not in the EU, and therefore will get duty and sales tax on items that you buy at the Norwegian websites.

Are you on an English website, so always check that the company does not belong on, for example, Jersey and Guernsey, as there will also get customs and sales tax on shipments from there. You can see where the company address, by clicking under ‘ contact ‘ or ‘ about ‘. You can not find an address, where the company is based, should your alarm bells ringing – it can be a sign of a fupbutik.

Consignments from the United States and Asia are customs and VAT. You pay the sales tax, if your items have a value of more than 80 dollars, while customs duties will not be conferred on shipments of over 1150 dollars. It is up to Post Denmark to intercept the packets from these areas – and this is done by sampling. That’s why many seldom find that their packages from the United States, for example, will be intercepted.

Read more here:

TAX – online shopping
Calculate customs and VAT here: Customs calculates

Have you bought something, you don’t want anyway, you must return the goods. Some online stores offer free take-back, while you must pay the return shipment to other stores. You can always read your way to the ‘ returns ‘.

You do not need to return in the packaging, you’ve got the goods sent in. Then wrap the items in the smallest possible packaging – it can save you money on. It is a good idea to send the goods as a package, so you have proof that you have sent the goods. It is your responsibility to ensure the goods arrive. They do not, you can not get a refund from your online shop – but with proof of shipment, it is Post Denmark, booklets.

Return payment
It may take some time before you can see the money in your account again, but always be sure to check out. You will not get the money, you will need to initially take hold of your online shop. It does not help, are you with payment via debit or credit card secured by your bank, who will refund your money if you can prove that you have returned the goods, but not got the money.