Opinion: Bulbs Led Lexman E27 15W And 20W

The last time I went to Leroy Merlin I noticed in more fat led bulbs that had:

Opinion Bulbs Led Lexman E27 15W And 20W

Namely light bulbs led Lexman E27 15W and 20W.

E27 15W 1521 lumens, €20.95 (equivalent to 100W)

E27 20W 1901 lumens, €29.95 (equivalent to 120W)

Opinion Bulbs Led Lexman E27 15W And 20W 1

The downside of these bulbs, apart from the price, is that they indicate a duration of only 10000 hours and endure only 15000 ignitions.

An angle of 150 °, indicated they had a color temperature of 3000 K and 6700 K and would fall within the category of bulbs A70 for the large size that it may not be installed in according to that wall.

Opinion Bulbs Led Lexman E27 15W And 20W 2

Specifically the 20W bulb indicates consumption 22W and “equivalent” to an incandescent bulb of 120W

I have not tested these bulbs, but just seeing consumption having and imagining the heat must give I can say clearly that I do not recommend them.
No need to see the light bulb I can say that surely it shines over a halogen light bulb E27 (100W equivalent) 77W, that gives light in all directions, endures 50000 fired (though only to last 2000 hours), but costs less than €2.

Opinion Bulbs Led Lexman E27 15W And 20W 3
Keep in mind that with the €30 which is worth the light bulb we can have on a 77W for almost 2500 hours bulb or bulb of 100W almost 1900 hours.
If we introduce the data in Calculator amortization of light bulbs, under intensive use (e.g. in a bathroom) parameters, we get a result compared with a halogen that represents a waste of money: