Out in All Weather: Outfits in Rainy Weather

When the leaves change color and the days become shorter, we say goodbye to the summer weather and welcome autumn. Unfortunately he does not always show off his golden side, but also gives us one or the other bad weather day.

Out in All Weather: Outfits in Rainy Weather

No reason for the excitement: We reveal on dentistrymyth about how you can defy the rain and wind with the right outfit and still look stylish!

“It is raining, it is raining, the earth is getting wet”-but not only that, but also we, when we are out in the unstable weather outside! Regentage, while styling-technically something more than those, in which the sun is laughing, but with the right clothes at least as much fun as beautiful weather days. So: nothing like out-and in any weather! As a child, we found regentage even really great, because such a bit of rain could not spoil the good mood. To hop by puddles is also a lot of fun in the adult age-just try it out! Which outfit in the rain is both stylish and functional and how you look even top when it pours out of bucket, you will find in this post. Already Omi knew: There is no bad weather, just the wrong clothes!

The Perfect Outfit For Rainy Weather-So Stylish Can Be Functional!

There is a lot of rain, a lot of rain, a damp Nebeluft or various “shades of gray” in the sky. With a few styling tricks, you can also look cool on days with unstable weather-and above all, stay dry!In terms of styling, the following applies: Rainy weather is what you are doing!

With The Right Outfit In Rainy Weather Look Great And The Weather Top Styled The Forehead Offer-So It Goes:

The Right Jacket:

From the raincoat in good-mood colors to water-repellent capes, to trendy raincoats or functional jackets, which have long ceased to look like outdoor wear-raincoats come in many fashionable variants and combine functionality with a trendy look. Whether it is a classic trench coat made of rainproof material, a sporty, cheerily patterned raincoat with a hood or a light cape, which can be rolled up very small and is simply thrown over, the choice is so great that you would almost want a few more rainy days !For the winter there are rain-and wind-resistant jackets and coats that are lined. A good idea is to buy raincoats a little bigger, so that you can wear a thick sweater, a cuddly sweater or a warm, insulating soft shell jacket.

Put Your Feet In Dryness:

So that wet asphalt, puddles and splashing water can not touch your feet, you should put on weatherproof shoes! Shoes with profile sole give firm hold on wet ground. In addition to rubber boots, which are available in many fashionable shapes and colors, solid leather shoes or shoes made of functional materials are also suitable for rainy days. They are also very easy to clean and look like new again after a wild puddle session. Bright colors and sensitive, non-rain-resistant materials such as suede or canvas remain better at home in the rain and wait for “better weather”. Reliable companions for your outfit in the rain are eg colorful, colorful patterned rubber boots, stylish booties with a small heel or Chelsea boots made of plastic or impregnated smooth leather. Even biker boats or rugged laces can rain off quite well. Moreover, the shoes keep the feet extra warm. A warm, insulating insole can also increase comfort comfort. Choose rubber boots & co. Always a size bigger, then you can wear a pair of warming socks without the shoe pushing.

With screen, charm and good mood:

A screen not only serves as a practical “protective shield” against the rain, it also sets a nice accent to your outfit. Rain-defensemen in colorful colors and cheerful patterns, such as polkadots or motif primes, immediately make a good mood. Both small umbrellas or “tots”, which fit into every handbag and are therefore particularly handy for traveling, as well as long-handled or umbrella umbrellas with an exquisite “wingspan”, which accompany you on extended rain walks: umbrellas are available in many variants. Even individually printable or transparent umbrellas are available, as well as pairs of umbrellas for the walk on the beach or umbrellas in Kussmund-, Blüten-or Herzform!

Weatherproof Styling Tips For Regentage

With these simple but clever tricks, you can make your outfit rain-and weatherproof:

Pack change shoes: For the rainy commute rubber boots & Co. are the perfect choice, they are arrived at the office then hastily against a few pumps or ballerinas replaced.

Pigtail, Dutt or Topknot instead of open hair: When it rains, elaborate hairstyles are not a good idea, because the hair curls quickly or the hair looks like “complained”. Long hair so rather take it instead of wearing open. Short-haired can put on a hat or a hat and thus provide the hairstyle with weather-resistant and stylish protection. Even a casual knotted cloth as a hair band or a cool turban have proven themselves as rainy weather styling.

Waterproof make-up or nude look: Wimpertusche, Rouge & Co. should be water-resistant in the rain-so you do not run the risk of reaching the goal with panda eyes even in heavy rain.Even better is the trendy nude look, in which the eyelashes remain untuscht. A natural make-up with accentuated brows and a little gloss on the lips, in contrast to dramatic smoky eyes or rosy apple baking packs, also a rain shower unscathed. If you do not want to be non-painted, you only need to paint at the “destination”.

Uncomplicated materials: Jeans or trousers made of solid canvas are perfect for rainy weather, because they can be easily rolled up and thus also puddle without damage. Looks casual and is handy! Clothing pieces made of more delicate materials, such as splash-prone silk, crease-prone linen or soft suede, can then be taken out of the closet again at fair weather.

Do not save on the screen: A high-quality, solid screen is an investment that pays off! Cheap umbrellas often succumb to the tiniest turbulence and offer little protection if it is not only rainy but also windy.

Clothing and shoes impregnate: waterproofing sprays and special detergents make jackets, shoes & Co. resistant to moisture and dirt. Regularly “re-impregnate” the protective layer and ensures that the material is easier to clean.

And now: nothing like out in any weather! In this sense: Splish, splash and enjoy the outdoors!