Overview: Mobile Phone Tariff with Data Package

Order in the tariff jungle
The global purchase of smartphones is one of the dominant topics on the current mobile market. Away from the hardware, the time is ripe, that is times written about the tariffs. In the following article, I will now give an overview of the tariffs of German mobile operators, but this overview does not raise the claim to be complete, since the market is now very fragmented and thus no longer very clear. This small collection should be able to inform potential customers about the current possibilities in the market.
Compared to the costs of past years, the prices for mobile telephony and data transmission are free fall. If you had to pay several Euros per megabyte of data transmission, you now only have cents-especially Call for Call and / or the Prepaid rate, where the customer does not book a fixed data packet every month, but each time According to actual usage. Of course, here the exceptions still confirm the rule, so there are still doubtful mobile tariffs with the old billing prices exist. On the other hand, there are fair offers, for example, a data packet with 200 MB costs only 10 euros, in this way the customer is the entry into the mobile data world made with a small data package. In general, with a smartphone, you should also book a (low-cost) data package, otherwise the purchase of such a phone would be a questionable, if not senseless, investment. For this reason you should first inform yourself about data packets and their use and not afterwards unconstrained, revolt about the alleged rip-off of the mobile phone provider, only because the data use of the smartphone then but high costs caused.

Combined tariffs
Vodafone and the Telekom offer their customers now Kombitarife, ie data and voice use are up to a certain amount / minutes inclusive. Any tariffs start at just under 25 euros a month, the largest packages cost a flat rate for the telephony and data usage scarcely 120 euros a month.

Note: For the small tariffs for 25 euros, the data volume is limited to 200 MB, in addition, Vodafone throttles to GPRS speed and does not incur any additional costs, while the Telekom consumes 49 cents per consumed MB beyond the 200 MB limit. In the next higher tariff for just under 45 euros are already 300 MB included, then both Vodafone and the Telekom speed to GPRS, the Telekom charges per consumed MB then no further costs as in the smallest tariff. In the largest package are then five or three GB inclusive, synonymous here is then throttled after consumption of the data volume and no longer calculated.

Individual tariffs
If you are not satisfied with a combination tariff because it does not correspond to your personal usage behavior, you can also request separate data options at the regular tariffs, eg for 10 euros a 30 MB option at the Telekom. Of course, other data packet sizes are also available. With o2 as well as with Base, the customer himself can assemble packages and options as desired, for example, there are 200 MB for 10 Euro in the o2 network. Just as with the Kombitarifen the data use of most packages (officially) is limited to the use of smartphones only, who wants to go online with their laptop has to book larger (and more expensive) packages. Here you should inform yourself in detail before the conclusion of the contract, not the afterwards a small or larger surprise in the bill waits.

Data in the EU abroad
The use of the mobile phone abroad is always somewhat more expensive, but the EU has recognized this grievance and has now pushed a bar against excessive language and data service costs abroad. For example, data costs per month in the EU are generally limited to EUR 59.50. In addition, the data service is switched off by the provider. However, customers can cancel this lock for a fee. At o2 the service is not capped, but throttled to GPRS. In non-EU countries other prices are not regulated, here you should also inform yourself before the start of the trip abroad. Alternatively, it is recommended, for example, in the holiday region to use cheap prepaid offers on the spot. Prerequisite: A SIM or Netlock-free smartphone. If you can not show this (eg German iPhone customers of the Telekom), should look for a UMTS WLAN router (eg Huawei E5 or the identical TrekStor model ).

In general, the market is moving in the right direction, the customers get transparent and cheap offers offered by the mobile service provider. However, the customer’s knowledge must also slowly come to the realization that a mobile data option can save money against individual billing and thus also brings a great benefit-because the trend for smartphones and Co is clearly leading to higher Internet usage instead of the original telephony function ,