P2 Volume Gloss Nail Polish “Funky Babe” – The Perfect Springpink

Somehow I break at the time more and more frequently from my nail polish routine and attack synonymous times to colors, which so far rather come too short. So my nails are currently immersed in a beautiful turquoise (blogpost follows!) And recently they shone again in the perfect spring spitz.

This can be painted on the nails with the p2 Volume Gloss Gel Look Polish called 070 “Funky Babe”. A bright pink without glitter or shimmer particles. The paint I have received some time ago from p2 for testing and today there is finally my review.

Order: The p2 Volume Gloss Gel Look Nail Polishes have a wide brush, with which the varnish can be painted strip-free, according to ebizdir. The consistency is relatively fluid, so that I ran a little over the nail edge when I did not paint carefully enough.

Opacity: The opacity is jelly-like and you definitely need two layers for a covering result.

Durability: As always, I gave the Essence “Better Than Gel Nails” top sealer about it and yet I was somewhat disappointed with the durability. Already after a few days clearly tipwear was recognizable. Since with me nail polish but generally very good hold, I’m probably a bit spoiled.


The p2 Volume Gloss Gel Look Nail Polish “Funky Babe” comes in a great springpink and shines with its glossy finish  The nail varnishes entered the new p2 standard range at the beginning of the year. I especially like the fact that the Volume Gloss nail polish has been equipped with a wide brush, because I personally like it very much. Except for the rather average durability I like the 070 “Funky Babe” very well and therefore I give him 3 out of 4 possible suns.