On the way to summer: More human, less thick

this year I welcome more this summer than I usually do. Although the headline included the words “less dense” this joy has nothing to do with weight. My best estimate is that this year i weigh exactly the same as last summer. It’s about a few changes in my attire, which means that I no longer take special account of my size when I take my summer dresses at.

I’ve always love the summer dresses and sus in the skirt and air to the body that no longer must be wrapped in sweaters and tights in order to resist the cold.

More clothes less joy
But last summer, it dawned on me that I am in a great many years haven’t gotten the most out of my summer dresses for two reasons:
I have hidden my arms under a cardigan, and I’ve avoided klisterlår by taking bike shorts on under my dresses and skirts.

I have done as the greatest. It had been a completely natural part of my summer wardrobe in the same way as the sandals and sunglasses. But last summer struck my brain machine pilot from. It began to be very conscious of the fact that I just picked up a summer dress on. I also took cardigan and bike shorts on, along with the dress.

the last one I did of a sole reason:
I was embarrassed by my arms, and my fat thighs giving me discomfort when they slapped together in the heat.

joy of my fine summer dresses began declining. Every time I took them on, I was reminded that I’m thick, because I along with the dress also took extra clothes on, as my girlfriends in more conventional sizes usually do not.

While the joy of my summer dresses declined, fortunately also went up for me that I actually could change the situation. That I had a choice to get rid of my negative thoughts about it being thick each time, I picked up a dress on.

goodbye to cardigan, Hello to barrier cream
Initially, it was to the project Free of arms, who ended up that I threw the Cardigan and got aired my upper arms in the Sun. An attempt to use barrier cream to the struggle against klisterlår and prickly heat was a success, and so I ended up also with throwing bicycle shortsene and go with bare legs under the dress – here you get tips to avoid klisterlår during


the rest of the season, I just took my summer dresses on without adding extra. Of course, I lubricated thighs with barrier cream, but at the time had several of my size 38 girlfriends reported that their thighs also slaps together in the heat of the summer. So hot thighs was no longer something I associated with being thick but more as something quite universally female.

on vacation without bike shorts
This is one of the first pictures taken of me, after I threw the cardigan and bike shorts.

Dress from All About Curves

It is from Sicily, where last year I spent 14 great days with my husband. One of the best memories of the holiday is that for the first time in many years I felt like more human and less thick, every time I picked up a dress on.

next step: on the beach in bikini
As I sit and write these words, I will be once again reminded that many of the challenges we are grappling with that thick, starts a single place, and it is in our own heads. It is thus also myself, who decided that I can not show me on the beach in a bikini. Therefore, it is fortunately also myself, who have had the possibility to decide that it is something damn nonsense. That is why I have been unable to buy my first bikini for more than 15 years.
My bikinikøb you can read more about in the article: that is why I bought this bikini + tips and tricks for buying swimwear