Packing List for Camping Trip

For an outdoor holiday, camping is the best choice: Let’s see what to pack and leave home essentials.

If this year you want to opt for an open air holiday where you can also save, camping is what is right for you.

The campsites are distributed throughout Italy and you can choose the most suitable place to your wishes (mats and knife as suggested on What to bring?

In this guide we see how to make a bag suitable for camping, light but not forgetting anything necessary!

As we have already seen in other guides dedicated to the preparation of the case, it is essential to make a list of things we need: making a list with care and attention you won’t forget anything and go quiet.

Parts from the personal stuff:

  • clothing (sweaters, shirts, pants, shoes, underwear, socks and then swimsuits if you go to the sea, slippers)
  • you need for the bathroom (towels, shampoo, shower gel, toothbrush, toothpaste).

Allow either all in the shortest possible place, making sure the liquid containers are well sealed

Even as for the kitchen in camping: organize the material properly and do not bring excess belongings, will be enough pots, a tablecloth or placemats, plates, glasses and cutlery, plastic or not.

  • In one box, bring food and drinks: do not overdo it and bring only the bare essentials, like pasta, olive oil, salt and a few vegetables for consumption in the very first days of vacation (a cooler is ideal).
  • Should not be missing from medicines, disinfectants, plasters and everything useful for health.
  • Get yourself a coffee table and folding chairs that are in a small space and they open quickly and easily.
  • Same goes for the tent: If folding is best, so you don’t have to waste time to mount it.
  • Bring a mat, a sleeping bag and a hot plate (being very careful how you use it).

When placed everything you’ll be good to go.