Google Babble or Google Babel? More Rumors Are Running The Second as a Final Name

In the absence of a few weeks for the Google I/O that finally end this wave of rumours that gives Unified Messaging service that are expected for more than one year, we have seen two proposed name: Google Babble and Google Babel. Even without knowing the final name that will have, it is a service that becomes increasingly necessary.

If initially realized of course that it would be Babble (talk) and more late was that Babel (in reference to the Tower of Babel), it turned out to be rather wrong, maybe this time the second name makes more sense. As it has been seen in some GMail notifications and after investigating a little code, babel is which is more likely to succeed. Continue reading

If I won a million dollars …

… then I’d run out and invest in these luksuskøb. For as you may read in my column yesterday, pearls before swine, so not about snobbery, but luxury is all about getting a little external help to lift the self-esteem inside, the straighter the back and show the world (and yourself) that you also deserve solid materials, decent cut and shape-changing fit. And it is unfortunately rarely, we find it in highstreetbutikkerne.

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What to Pack for a Yoga Retreat

I love the moment when I fish my (now very battered) backpack from the closet. Because that means: optimism! When it comes about packing increases the anticipation of the next trip with me directly even more and the mere sight of my beloved Backpacks makes my heart soft and indulge my head in memories. After all, he is already quite got around and was in the best moments of my life with me. Thus, both already so we share a lot.

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Endless Summer – Party Outfit with Plus Size Maxi Dress

Finally… the temperatures rise and the festivals can be celebrated with sunshine and good weather and enjoyed. And for just as a great summer party with nice people, good food and wonderful conversations I was looking for an outfit. Elegant, it should be, but seem not too overdressed. Airy and easily should it be, but provide enough protection in the evening – if there will be some fresh. Prefer a plus size Maxi dress. And how should it be otherwise… also found. Continue reading

First Images of The Web Version of Google Babel?

Today, the same day that closed definiticamente Windows Live Messenger and appearing WhatsApp by Google purchase rumors appear on the network the so-called first images of the web version of Google Babel.

Techradar has published photographs of the web version of Google Babel for Android to Google Talk. The photographs come from an anonymous source who says he works for Google and already has its new access Unified Messaging service.

It is very difficult to know the veracity of the images. Interface seen on the latest applications and web services of Google matches, and the design of the emoticons are used in Google + although there are many new never seen, and treat an Assembly would have taken a long time to create them. The only thing that draws attention is that they are photos and not screenshots. Continue reading

Grandma panties long live!

I’ve looked around a bit on the net to see if there is an official definition of Grandma panties. It does not appear that immediately makes.

So before we go any further, get in my definition of the term, so I know the starting point for this post. Do you have a different perception of Grandma panties, is in cordial welcome to write in the comments box after post.

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