Pack your bags: Sommerhustur with plus size wardrobe

Of all package challenges is to pack for a week in a cottage in Denmark for me the biggest. Simply because it is due to the changing Danish weather is necessary to package subject to more weather conditions.

I am also always in the dilemma that I’d be relaxed dressed but at the same time will not allow the purchase to be smart, even if I just have to hang out and socialize me with family and good friends. Too often creeps who also a lunch or two in on local restaurants.

that is why I have over the years learned to pack a basic wardrobe for Sun after the layer-on-layer principle also can be the basis for the suit, when temperatures fall or it’s raining. At the same time, I also always packs a bit of accessories that can ddress basic wardrobe-it up, if there will be a need for the.

The starting point for me is that it must be nice to be in holiday home also when it comes to my attire. Why is the basis of my base wardrobe, that vehicle must be soft and comfortable to wear. That is not something to be tight when I’m relaxing in a cottage. I should not spend too much time trying to undress me. It should be easy and fast to get in the vehicle.

I have a great fondness for dresses, as they are so easy to deal with, since it is a dress gets rid of having to match the upper and lower part. Therefore, it is also my favorite garment to a sommerhustur where it should be easy to get in the vehicle. I make sure to bring along dresses in cotton, so I don’t need to page in the Sun and sweat in a synthetic merely disguises itself as religion. I have also always a maxi dress with, since a long dress is lovely snug to page in outside in the evenings. Cottage trip involves Beach, it is a good idea to bring a loose dress to take over swim suits, which are easy to get on and off.

Even though the dress is the preferred option, there is also always a soft pants with in my Pack. I have very rarely jeans with, as it is much more convenient to just flat out in a soft trousers with a loose cut and elasticated waist.

I carry three categories: Strap-top, t-shirt with short sleeves, t-sprit with long sleeves. Number of varies by each model varies according to the weather forecast. These very simple tops are perfect to combine layer upon layer with cardigan and scarves.

I usually bring cardigans instead of jerseys. With buttons in a cardigan I can adjust how much heat my uppers must give. Perfect to start with a opknappet cardigan in the early evening, which can then be buttoned up more and more as the evening progresses and it will be more cool. I have a minimum of two cardigans with a map model for daytime and a long for the chilly evenings, which also keeps me snug down on stand.

Though barefoot in shoes are some of the best I know, I’ve always socks, when I take in the cottage. And here I mean socks, like the thick and those with long shafts. They smoke on, when the nights start to get cool, because if I have hot feet, I can usually keep to be out much longer.

Keeps weather dry it well with a cardigan for the cool evenings. Yet I also usually my rain jacket with in the cottage. For one can never know it sure with the Danish weather. The advantage of my rain jacket is that it is so fine – dark blue md white dots – that it can easily be used as a jacket, even if it’s not raining. In this way, do I get rid of that bring double up on jackets.

I always bring plenty of them in various sizes. The small square as genuine only are accessories to give a little style to my look. The large in cotton, which can keep your neck warm on cool days. And even though it’s summer, I actually also always one of my big uldhalstørklæder with. It is really good to take on the shoulders, when the evenings are cool and have therefore closest to the function of a


Being in the cottage are often in and out from the House to the patio and back again. Here is a pair of flip-flops completely indispensable for me, because it’s just easier to get in and out quickly, when one should not stand and struggle to get the shoes on and maybe even tie shoelaces.

Cottage is often equal to that lovely walks in the wild. That is why I have also always a few practical shoes with, so the trip will not be marred by impractical footwear. I usually have my cards thigh rubber boots with. For then it is also track of the footwear in case of rain.

Accessories are the crucial details that can provide basic wardrobe-it the little oomph, which elevates it from comfort to cool. That is why I always carry a few big bling bling earrings, which especially are perfect for maxi dress. Necklaces — long giving Bohemian look and a single statement, if it needs to go right the game for themselves, as well as bracelets. I have a suspicion that there on the trip sneaks a restaurant visit into the course of the trip, napper I also a single pair of shoes with heels with just to be on the safe side.


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