Pack your bags: city break with plus size wardrobe

says that city break in the calendar? So, here are my indispensable with details from my own storbyeferier – for it is my absolute favorite type of vacation. I love to visit cities with lots of museums, shopping and, not least, amazing eateries – ranging from street kitchens for multiple-star restaurants. Most large cities have one more thing in common: laaange streets. Which means proper footwear.

no matter what city you must travel to, so I would say that the following 9 cases are indispensable in your trunk:

If you combine a let shoes with them that you intended to go out in the evening, saving you valuable space in the trunk. Why take your finest ballerinas with – they are both nice to walk in, while also providing a beautiful fifty-inspired look, when you combine them with an evening dress. Favourite brands: Boden, Tommy Hilfiger, Tory Burch

A couple of decent gåsko will it take, if not you need to lose the feet already on the first day of the trip. Go for a pair of cool sneakers, which is in a dark color. They stick nicer longer, and has the bonus that they also look stylish out. Just because we’re on holiday, we do not forget about the good style.
Favourite brands: Nike, Adidas

Most urban vacations include dining in the evening. Remember that when you pack, and find a nice dress. Go for the one that does not need to be ironed, for after a long flight in the trunk, for example, a silk dress would be absurd curly. Here is a dress in a little elastic material, possibly polyester is usually just to go on. Favourite brands: Talbots, Boden, Jones New York (with Macys), Marina Rinaldi

City break can be both hot and cold, so select trousers depending on it. But common for them should be that they are simple, sitting super good at you and maybe have a bit of stretch, so they also are nice to have in an entire day. They are also nice to fly in however, bypassing the actual Handlebars. soft pants or sweatstof, which is for fritidsagtigt. Select dark pants that can cope with a bit of each, without being embarrassing spotted looking at. Drop like your jeans, for if you run into a flurry, looong time before they are dry again.
Favourite brands: Talbots, Marks & Spencer

A light jacket is a must, since you can always leaked into a cold breeze. Go for a waisted jacket that is smart – this is not the place for recreational garderobens fleece model. On a city break, I always think, it’s nice to look stylish out because there are often many of the local, there is ‘ dressed to the nines ‘ – and there is nothing worse than feeling like a resigned sneakers next to a newyorker on stilettos. A blazer jacket with a little stretch or maybe a cool denim or leather jacket is the solution.
Favourite brands: Monsoon, Talbots, Marks & Spencer

Especially if you are on vacation in the Middle East will be a hit, a scarf if you stand and must enter to see a mosque, but also in the West, it might be nice with a little to the neck – for example, in air conditioning-happy cities or if you need high up. Choose a in neutral colors, which you can use for several things. Then you can also wield them on your shoulders when you go out in the evenings.
Favourite brands: Gap, Boden

You have probably selected a few right impartial pants – looked at the top is here, you can enter a frenzy out slightly. Take a selection of fine tops with who can provide something interesting to look at in your outfit. And if you think a top is a little too festive, so you take a simple cardigan over – the toner it immediately down a little and makes you trip-nice to look at.
Favourite brands: Boden, Monsoon, Talbots, Marks & Spencer

Both for your daily outfit and over a dress in the evening is the Cardigan indispensable on Citybreak. On a warm day, the duplicate as easy jacket. Tag possibly two with; in a neutral color and a single in a nice color. You will be happy for them, when there will be screwed up for the air conditioner. Remember to unbutton a few buttons at the waist, so there will be hold the shape while you have something soft and Nice on.
Favourite brands: Marks & Spencer, Talbots

You must of course have a bag with everything you will need during the day on their feet. Drop the small hand bag – you become insane by not having your hands free. Shoulder bag is also not the obvious choice – you are going to go and heave it up all day, and it calls on fast twenty types. You’ll be glad you have a bag on upper slanted – and it doesn’t have to be a bag that screams ‘ turiiiiiiist ‘. Make sure that the can is closed all the way to go, so long fingers can’t find down in it.
Favourite brands: Liebe

fur, Mulberry


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