Pack your bags: beach vacation with plus size wardrobe

beach vacation is something that most women get in package panic. Nothing is further from our everyday lives than Danish days, where it stands on swimsuits, flip flops, dasetid by the pool or on the beach. And that is why it is also rare that we have completely mastered, what we really need. I can certainly remember a share vacations, where I’ve had the completely wrong thing with in the trunk. It helps, of course, if you need a place to where you’ve been before – and therefore know the weather and also by whether, for example, any must have nice clothes on in the restaurant, etc.

But after having holiday entitlements for many years in Italy with the whole family, I eventually become quite capable to pack Beach/poolferiekufferten – here you get my musthaves for your summer vacation by the sea.

Swimsuit, bikini or tankini is of course a matter of course on a beach holiday. I usually have two models with; one to lie to Suns in on deckchairs, and one for when I swim in the morning. My solbadedragt don’t have to be super handy, so I can go for one that is on-trend and neat when I just lying down. Swimming badedragten are in turn one, where I need to be sure that straps will be seated, and when the bust doesn’t fall out when I climb the ladder.

Indispensable when you need to from the apartment to the pool or beach. Just to stick in when you need to retrieve the ice, to the toilet or to shower – and on the beach, where the sand is so hot that you can’t go at it on bare feet. Remember to style them in the shade – rubber flip flops will be insanely hot in the Sun.

This is the only place where I actually voluntarily will put on me a loose, teltagtig dress or tunic. They are for up to take over swim suits on their way to the pool or the beach – and because they are loose, you risk not to smudge of Sun block before you could possibly have come from the deckchairs or håndklædet to the water bath. Go for bright colors, and accept that such a dress can’t avoid being spotted of sunscreen and dingy to lie about your ‘ bathing station ‘. Then drop the expensive designer dress.

Sunglasses are very cunning, but you get easily uklædelige patterns in the face of the Sun. I love having a hat at – it provides shade to the entire face, and is at the same time rar to sit with, when you must read. And then you can easily get a glamorous movie star look with a nice straw hat with a fine band around.

A pair of loose shorts are easy to take over a bathing suit when you must eat lunch – combine with a loose t-shirt, then you’re ready to eat, also at any hotel restaurant. Select a dark cotton model – so one sees not the wet Cheetah spots after a wet swimsuit and shorts get no blotches.

After a long day in the Sun, it is nice to wear a light maxi dress for tonight’s dinner. I think it is an easy, warm friendly way to be a little glamorous. Choose one with straps so you can show your solbrune shoulders forward. Please complete with a pair of flat, ethnic-inspired sandals, which are comfortable, a pailletclutch and a couple of impressive earrings. So are you ready evening.

In my family we love to sit outside in the night’s darkness with candles – evenings can be cool but even in the South. That is why I have always a cotton hoodie with, as I can just slip in. With the zipper you can adjust how hot you need to have it, and that is why Hoodie perfect for both a mild breeze and the slightly colder evenings. It is also good if it says shopping centre on the program one of the days, as they are in southern Europe air conditioning in shops and supermarkets ææælsker.

I very rarely use makeup when I’m on vacation. I get super many freckles, and they are just decorative in itself. I wont – in the evening, when we are going out only dabbing a little – cremeblush on the cheeks. It gives a nice glow, without that I feel myself makeuppet.

A thin scarf will give you infinite joy in many situations. It has saved my cold shoulders, a pair of legs that should have a solpause and not least my ankles when the mosquitoes swarmed around sunset. And then it can just give the last style oomph over a dress or on a shopping spree.


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