Palm Pre: Hands-On

A new challenger
I’ve had all this year: Android, iPhone OS, Windows Mobile (6.5), Symbian and Maemo. Just one thing had been missing: webOS! But also I have now finally (angetestet). The operating system is the new Palm Pre smartphone . The Palm Pre is now being expected in Germany soon sold and I have ever had the opportunity to “play” with the Palm Pre. Officially, it will be available only from the 13th of October, we hope that the up to now somewhat unexplained online distribution channel of Cyberport is clarified up to date, in the cyberportSTORE it will always give him to buy. Now, however, there are the first impressions from my side. And still as a small disclaimer, I privately have an iPhone 3GS-so everything has to be measured. But I am also objective enough to see the weaknesses and the strengths of the individual mobile operating systems.
Overall impression
Generally speaking, the Palm makes a nice impression, it is a appealing, small smartphone which is really nice to look at (as long as it remains clean). Like a flat pebble, it lies in the hand or on the inductive charging station. In the bag I have unfortunately not be able to stuck, but also here I am sure that it is pure and not too big. Haptically, it is almost synonymous good, only the operation of the capacitive display is not as easy as with the iPhone, apparently is missing because a coating, so that the finger runs particularly easily.

Case and keyboard
The complaints about the processing of the Palm Pres accumulate in the net-on the one hand, in the folded state, where the case should be clattered and on the other hand in the pushed-on state, where the slider should clatter. I had three test devices in my hands and was not overly enthusiastic about all three, but the processing is in my opinion still better than with Nokia sliders (not the 8XXX series). But to the quality of a device from HTC with flap or slider comes Palm not ran. I must test the device itself again extensively to get a better feeling for the processing. The case looks in the high-gloss black sends out, but after a few minutes it is messed up with fingerprints, straight black acts here kontraproduktiv. Also the display looks disgusting! The iPhone after use is much nicer to watch. The keyboard is a mean between a Blackberry and a Google G1, the buttons are big enough, but the pressure point is not really perfect. Again, I have to deal with longer times.

The new operating system is really smart and innovative: Background Apps, Eye Candy. But also here it needs a better test, with a quick play through the device is not really done. But the iPhone OS can be more and much better. The performance is quite okay, here the first iPhone can be taken as a benchmark. There are relatively few apps on the device, hoping that the Palm App Store will soon fill.

First Conclusion
Palm is not on par with the iPhone, but annoying competitors like Windows Mobile or Nokia with left at the start destroyed. Android is also one before the webOS to settle. But if you compare where the first-generation iPhone was once and how beta was the first version of Android, then the webOS is not even so bad. I certainly give Palm a realistic chance, a year ago I would have rather expected the company to soon drive in the Deathpool.