Pants and Your Overall Appearance

Do you just buy new trousers without thinking about what you are buying? See this article about what the pants actually do for your overall appearance. For there is much difference in the stands, what pants fit makes for your appearance. Here you get the pants in three different fits.The overall appearance is very different at the three images.

Bootcut jeans
The pants with bootcut is best for hourglass figure, since the small curved creates balance between round ass and legs.

Skinny jeans
Skinny jeans does just the opposite, as they are with their tight legs attracts attention to ass, which is going to appear much larger than it is, because the narrow legs not settle my legs compared to my ass.

Box pants
Box pants are a little one between things, since the wide leg bottom settles with ass. They are sitting loosely on the thighs.

My favorites and new inspiration
Nevertheless, is it the case that I have found the jeans with bootcut emerged from the back in the closet, where they have gathered dust in a number of years, while the jeans, I have lying around in your favorite deck, all of which are skinny.

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