Pants, Prints and Summer

I’m still getting used to photograph the looks on the street instead of in the House. Actually, I’m trying to turn the guest room here at home a mini Studio to photograph the looks, but still has a bed in the way the story (in fact, you don’t know anybody here from Sao Paulo in search of a double bed? Do a precinho buddy). My photographer and I were already almost mastering the art of street photography when, suddenly, no more than all of a sudden, the daylight saving time ended and we forgot how all over again. The light all of the time we get out to shoot suddenly changed and we haven’t adapted.

All to say that the photos of today were a little blown out, but we’re working to improve. And, as I didn’t want to leave you in hand, I decided to post them anyway. After all, the look is what counts, right, people?

Had long since I wore pants for work simply because it was unfeasible. In this heat of the Sahara I was preferring to let my leg sweat freely than confine the sweat in a tight pants. But, behold, Sao Paulo decided to return to normal weather programming and I could finally give a varied in costume.

Chosen to star in this comeback was the pants with English soldiers stamp Issa to C & a. Perfect because it’s a little model more skinny pant that has everything to do with the season. In addition, it has one of the cutest stamps ever created (she always reminds me of those little books 3D that I had when I was a kid, remember? A you had to stare pro mosaic to form an image? Hardest thing from childhood, I bet nobody could see and everyone pretended he had seen). Anyway, here’s the pants.

One of the things I love most to do with these pants is to mix it with other prints. No, it has no logic behind it. I’ve tried it with flat tops and is super cute too, but I have an obsession with trying to create new combinations of prints from it.

So today was no different.According to, I looked for that mosaic of mini toy soldiers and thought they would be great with a blouse listradinha super simple, super no more. The contrast was perfect: the confusion of micro toy soldiers in shades of black and MOSS green, all coladinhos each other and a super clean blouse, with white background and blue Pinstripe. Contrast, folks, that’s all.

To complete the look that was already with a footprint more masculine, I chose to redeem the oxford Galaxy’s most loved in the closet. I know we talk about contra-balacear things and have a little feminine in looks more masculine. But rules are to be broken and today the idea was a more pro look masculine even. A footprint almost gondolier in Venice (missed the hat and remo, next time).

What’s not to love a shoe that has wings? Case closed.

P.s. tomorrow I put your legs out again. The time is over and the time has that refrescadinha, but half a day in summer is still half a day in the summer.