Party Dresses with Feathers

Dresses with feathers. Dress like a real celebrity in your most special nights.If you are daring and you are looking for a unique dress short fashion in Venezuela that remains etched in the minds of everyone you know notes.

Ostrich, pheasant, goose and peacock feathers are used to make skirts or short dresses of fashion in Spain. A material which began to use the great designers and is now everywhere.

Sophisticated, soft and very light. Become an old lady and looks more elegant designers prom short dresses of the season. We have seen them in the parades of Cavalli, Emilio Pucci, or included eLib dresses.

Join the fashion club cloud effect and encourages your party with colorful feather outfits. The ideal is that you combined with high heels, but if you don’t have or want to go comfortable, uses a black flat shoes in patent leather or velvet. To add a touch of sophistication to your look get a single collected that leave your neck and chest at the sight.


Don’t miss the short prom dresses for thin most spectacular celebrity. All are agreed on one thing: carrying feathers!

  1. e.g., pictured above we see Elizabeth Tyler with a prom dress with feathers in yellow and beige. The perfect choice to attend a gala.


  1. While the top Anja Rubik surprises with a minidress of blue feathers.Perfect choice of Fuchsia sandals.


  1. Italian actress Vittoria Puccini dazzled with this dress with crystals and tail feathers. To look at it a Swan comes to mind.