Pebble Smart Watch

It’s about the Pebble – the undisputed favorite in 2013 the audience that is interested in smart watches. Pebble is a series of smart watches developed by Pebble Technology Corporation, whose first model was released in 2013 after successfully raising funds from shared funding platform Kickstarter. In fact, in such platforms they were born and died away quite independent projects for smart watches. But Pebble succeeded. Under the success we mean the amount collected 10.3 million dollars, which makes the “startup” Pebble most successful product campaign ever held in the popular Kickstarter. The evidence suggests that the first 100,000 dollars were collected for two hours, and 6 days become 4.7 million. After a few days Pebble closed fundraiser and began preparing for production. Deliveries began in January 2013. The first 85 000 units had to reach participants in the financing. In July they started and normal supply to the market. Currently Pebble sold (even sold out for days) in major commercial networks such as Best Buy, Target, AT & T and Even recently we had a deficit of production, but things are normal. Things sound rather bombastic, yet Pebble e niche product in this big world reaches mainly to limited and specialized audience of tech fans (ie. Early adopters).

Currently Pebble has 1.26 “inch monochrome display with a resolution of 144 by 168 pixels. The technology used is Sharp Memory LCD “e-paper” and allows exceptional visibility in all conditions. In the small corpus collected more vibromotor for alarms magnetometar, light illumination and accelerometer (it applications for physical activity). Sound is not available. Neither microphone or govoritelcheta. There is no touchscreen. Pebble is controlled with buttons (4 pieces). No camera, but there is waterproof to 5 ATM, which means that you can bathe and even swim with him (not to dive without too hot water / steam). During normal operation the device lasts up to 7 days. Charging using a charger with a magnetic connector, similar to the MacBook charger from Apple. Pebble e compatible with Android and iOS with Bluetooth. The connected device can receive text messages, e-mail, incoming phone calls (only as information and reject) and notification of accounts in social networks. Additionally may be a remote control for phones, cameras (such as the GoPro) etc. The operating system is Pebble OS (quite modified FreeRTOS), which is still closed to outside developers. Created and specialized App Store (app store for Android and iOS) with more than 1000 applications. Using the iOS devices in the beginning there were some flaws, but they are increasingly fixed. Full technical details of Pebble can take a look at his page in our catalog smart watches.

The original Pebble e useful widget and “bestseller” among their own kind, but there was a problem that was apparently spotted by manufacturer. Pebble looks like a toy and too plastic (also rubber and silicone). Therefore appear successor, which will be sold alongside the original.