Pebble Steel Smart Watches

Heir Steel’s called the Pebble, but he is not exactly second generation, just more beautiful and better assembled package on the same hardware. Pebble Steel offers a stylish slim body of stainless steel and removable (tricky with watchmaker screwdriver) leather and metal straps supplied. The original Pebble is compatible with the majority of standard straps that you can find anywhere. Straps of Pebble Steel is a standard width of 22mm, but with unconventional design, which offers specialized products. The tactile buttons are metal and glass is Gorilla Glass material for increased durability against scratches. The weight is larger. Additional contrast to the original presence of 3-color LED light on the face, which adds more convenience for alerting the user. Pebble Steel is available in two colors – silver and frosted cherno. Vsichki other features are identical to Pebble. Details of the Pebble Steel can be found in his page in our catalog smart watches.

If anyone is interested in success in sales of the Pebble, we can answer that until March 2014. They sold over 400,000 units, which include 85,000 Kickstarter Edition supporters in financing. The achievement is great for business, launched in Kickstarter, but it’s not leadership against the entire industry. At the time of writing the article, the cost of Pebble e $150, and Pebble Steel – $249. But sometimes there are promotions that make the purchase of useful Pebble quite lucrative.

While there is no color display and top performance, Pebble shine with their beneficial qualities. Most of his customers are satisfied because the company-developer is working constantly to improve the functions and clean up. About Pebble was formed ecosystem, which has over 12,000 registered developers (ready to create with PebbleKit SDK), and a large fan base. The company successfully partnered to create useful applications with some of the world’s largest companies in the automotive, aviation, banking and payments, fast food, etc. The owners of Pebble company have years of experience in the field of smart watches and will probably try to hold out against new challenges coming from the wave announced smart watches tech giants. The latest news from Pebble show that work on improving battery life, new technologies for displays and flexible option screen. All this surely will not be enough against the big players who have the “know-how”, mountains of money, marketing power and great influence. Hopefully Pebble survive and not go down in history as only Kickstarter sensation of 2012. Which managed to create a first attractive, friendly and helpful smart clock to the new time.