Peplum Dress for Body Shape

Peplum is at once the thick woman’s best friend and worst enemy.

Do you spend time finding just the right upper, can help with selecting your peplum waist and create harmony in your overall appearance.
If you do not you trouble, you may end up stuck with a bodice that do nothing but make you appear larger, because the peplummet cuts your body an unfortunate place and has the wrong length.

Here you get tips on what you should be aware of in order to get the best out of an upper with peplum – there is the link to shopping the bottom of this article.

Gives the illusion of forms and are therefore great for pillar do not sit tight over the hips g is therefore very good for light bulb

Creates harmony between the broad shoulders and narrow hips, and is therefore good for the ice cream cone attracts attention to the stomach. Why Apple must consider whether this is the right upper of select.

Read about the different body types here

Be critical in relation to which the peplum is sewn on the bodice. If the stitching cuts you there, where you are the widest, you will lose the effect of that a flattering peplum helps define your waist

Team focus on length. As with lengths of all other clothes should optimally end where your hips peplum is at its narrowest

If peplum has great width, has the same effect for your hips like a tent Jersey has for your upper body: It hides instead of highlighting

Since a peplum in itself attracts attention, you can go after a uppers in black, who downplaying instead of highlighting.

Lace, up to size 56, ca. 175 kr, Pink Clove at ASOS

Classical, up to size 56, ca. 105 KR., Pink Clove at ASOS

Straps, up to size 54/56, ca. 175 USD + shipping, Torrid

Black alternatives to Print, up to size 58, ca. 230 USD + shipping, Torrid

White, up to size 56, ca. 270 USD, ASOS

Plum colored, up to size 56 , ca. 240 DKK, ASOS

Mix with
Since even the most flattering bodice with peplum attracts attention to the middle part of the part of your body, you can create harmony in your overall appearance by using a narrow subdivision, such as a pair of skinny jeans or a pencil skirt to balance.

Jeans up to size 56 599.95 + shipping, Zizzi,


Up to size 52/54, 129.95 DKK, Juna rose remember – YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND YOUR SIZE HERE:

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