Phones Android with LCD Autonomy Beating The AMOLED

One of the virtues of which presumed the AMOLED technology is the lower battery consumption, Achilles heel of mobile devices today. In practice, things can be very different, or at least that’s what we want to show the guys at Laptop Magazine with proof of Android phones.

In it they have included 8 Android representatives with different screens, batteries, and circuiterias, a pair of issues that also have enough say in the final outcome. There are the Motorola Droid X with LCD technology, or a Samsung Epic 4G with SuperAMOLED. Curiously Motorola phones are those who leave better stand comparison.

Let’s look at the results of this particular comparative table:

We see how the Motorola Droid X is he having more autonomy, followed by the Dell Streak tablet and his brother Droid 2. With almost half of autonomy that Victor we are in the queue to the American HTC Incredible, which owns AMOLED screen, and not much better situated to the Galaxy S with SuperAMOLED.

As we have said, the phones use different batteries, chipsets and Android versions, but is clear that Motorola has chosen a good combination of components, especially with the Texas Instruments OMAP.

Screens will also have enough to say, is more, it is proven that the AMOLED generally require less energy to represent images, When not to speak of the White, If it is predominant, as in the majority of websites, consumption will be resentful.

Difficult to draw more important conclusions with so many conditions and the type of test performed as we shall see below, but the truth is that the result obtained is curious.

How was the test?

The boys of Laptop Magazine, a day if other, ongoing tests of this type with portable, was a matter of adapt their tools to the new equipment, and so they developed an application.

The application opens your browser with a list of 60 websites, when charging a wait 60 seconds, close the browser and continues with the next. The configuration of the phone was as follows:

  • All phones had applications Advanced Task Killer y My Settings to let the phone reset.
  • The screen brightness was located at 40%.
  • Switched off WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and any kind of synchronization.
  • Off screen off function.
  • Off Flash on phones that have option.
  • All phones signal was the less than 4 bar.